Nobel Peace Prize Awardee On Syria.

July 26, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

The Norwegian Nobel institute, Oslo, Norway
The Norwegian Nobel institute, Oslo, Norway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mairead Maguire received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1976. In this video she illustrates the need for people around the world to become informed on the situation in Syria. There are many sources of information on the tragic times and events that the people of Syria are having to endure. It would be a good thing if there were a high level panel organized to allow all sides to express themselves. The panel discussion could be filmed and posted on YouTube or elsewhere on the internet, so that the people of the world could gain an awareness of the situation.

If you have any thoughts about what Ms. Maguire says here, whether you believe her words accurately portray the reality in Syria, or you have reservations about what she is communicating, please share your comments.

After discovering this video I decided, because Mairead Maguire is a Nobel Peace Laureate, that it was important to share it. My intent is to increase awareness, for fellow-men and women along with myself, of what is happening in Syria and the Middle East. Any relevant information that you can add through discussion may allow for a much clearer view of the reality in Syria and the Middle East region.

It is important that people know the truth about the human tragedy occurring in Syria. Truth is necessary for humanity to make the wisest choices possible in this troubled region of the Earth.



2 thoughts on “Nobel Peace Prize Awardee On Syria.

  1. Ms. Maguire’s efforts are beyond noble and humanitarian; she deserves any and all support. However, exactly how to deal with or confront fundamentalist militant extremists is an entirely different agenda. I’m not optimistic that any sort of non-violent dialog is or would ever be embraced spiritually, even overtly, by those groups. It seems it will be over many generations before those “children” of militant-extremist groups have a (remote?) chance to realize the “world” or Western civilizations are NOT their physical OR spiritual enemies. Yet, as Ms. Maguire pointed out, the U.S., a nation suppose to be representing democracy, freedom, equality, etc, is exacerbating the problem. That complicates the issues further, at least for Americans. :-/


    1. Professor,
      When one looks at war and fighting in Syria and the Middle East, then juxtapose that vision next to the spiritual vision produced from distillation of spiritual wisdom through history, one is once again dumbfounded that not one world leader has mentioned the spiritual option. Can one Hollywood actor, one sports star, one famous musician, any famous person come forward and say. “All those involved in war and fighting in Syria are brothers and sisters in the family of man. All please understand that when you harm another, you are harming yourself. It is time to end the killing and suffering. Love and forgive one another. Choose the better way; the superior path.”
      Thanks, Professor.


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