Interview with Zaid Tlass. This family was very close to the Syrian regime.

This interview was reblogged from After reading this you may have a clearer view of the reality regarding the tragic situation being experienced by the people of Syria. Thank you Russell.

Russell Chapman

Zaid Tlass

I have an interview I want to give you verbatim. It took place in April 2013.  I had the chance to meet Zaid Tlass, a close relative of Manaf and Tiras Tlass, he was a General in the air force. He and his family were very close to the family of Bashar al Assad, he knew Bashar personally for many years before he became president. So much so that it was considered inconceivable that any of the Tlass family would ever be disloyal to the regime. He told me that when Bashar al Assad became president he had hoped he would make positive changes in the country. He had lived and studied in the West but after he took power, Zaid told me, Bashar changed day by day from the person he was before, becoming harder and harder.

Here is the interview.

Me: The first question is about the early…

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