Near Death Experience. Part 4.

Love Love Love
Love Love Love (Photo credit: Gregory Jordan)
July 13, 2013
by Jerry Alatalo

Another woman gives her account.

“I merged with and became one with the light. This was when the ecstasy and bliss started. The ecstasy was so intense and I knew that I was immortal, eternal, totally safe and had total knowledge. I had always existed, always would exist and all is well; there is a perfect plan that is working itself out in its perfection. I was like a receiver of immense love and knowledge. I started to wonder how much more I could stand…”

“…the light then began to dissipate. I left the intensity and was in a green meadow. My personality was not any part of it. I felt unconditional love, no judgment and total forgiveness. Punishment is not God’s game. God is for us, not against us. Jesus raises our consciousness. There is no reason to fear death; it is the closing of one door and the opening of another. It will be wonderful to leave a worn-out body behind. This was a spiritual dimension with total comprehension. We are so much more than we know, we are so unlimited. It is a great big universe/universes that we are a part of, we are part of God, the all of love…”

“…I was able to look into my soul and know that my soul is total love; everyone’s soul is love. I learned to know that there is no death. This was an enormous thing that happened to me; it is so much better than we think it is. I was in a meadow where the colors were unlike any colors I had ever seen before. I saw 18-20 people who seemed like they were waiting for something and I met one man whose face was authoritative and beautiful; I knew I could trust him. He told me ‘It is not time for you to be here yet’. I asked him what it was all about, what life was all about. He told me in a three sentence answer. Then he said that I could take the whole experience back except for the last answer. I would not be able to remember that answer…”

“…I knew that I had tapped into just the beginning of what there is to know. That it is a non-ending eternity which is all so much vaster than anything anyone could make up. Earth is one little way station to bring light and love; a gift, a blessing and a responsibility. If there was one gift that I could give to everyone, it would be for everyone to have a near death experience. We would have a beautiful world where everyone would know that ‘I too am part of God.’ ”

We chose to be here at this time of great Spiritual awakening. Our collective consciousness is rising to heights which have never before been seen in recorded history. We are all heroes as we knew there would be difficult times, yet we still volunteered. Even though we will see somewhat difficult periods, remember to have times for joy and playfulness. This will allow for the easiest transitions for people during this Spiritual unfolding. We are all connected in this multi-dimensional reality. Try to make life a little easier, a little better, a little more loving, a little more joyful, for your fellow-man. The old is passing away. We are Spiritual beings on heroic journeys.

The NDE is clear, intense, coherent and results in lasting effects of a lifetime. The experience seems to contain more than we can even imagine and most often happens as an awesome, mind-stretching experience after accidents, hospital stays and flat-lining of the brain. Both consciousness and perception become enhanced while at the same time there is no brain activity. People describe that they could do anything they wanted at the speed of thought. The blind see while in a NDE.

Most say the English language does not encompass the sights, sounds and feelings they had. “…so awesome that I can’t put words together as I could never imagine what I experienced.”