Near Death Experience. Part 3.

Photographic illustration of a near-death-expe...
Photographic illustration of a near-death-experience. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
July 12, 2013
by Jerry Alatalo

A man shares his thoughts on what he learned from his NDE.

“It seems to be important to touch the lives of others in a meaningful way. We should be surrendering to the moment as this moment is all we have. We should eliminate any fearful thoughts provided we live our lives following our calling and our passion. Nothing we strive for here like family, wealth, status, material possessions or power mean anything on the other side. The mistakes we make mean nothing on the other side. We are here to make mistakes to know that we are alive and to grow. The experience I had was definitely real. It has been the greatest gift of my life. I am truly blessed and grateful to have had this experience. I have changed my direction quite a few times since then and each move has expanded my life.”

A woman describes her experience.

“It felt like being in a warm place. It was like I had an airline ticket and I was at the airport, waiting. The light exploded under me and went out in every direction. The light was infinite. There was nothing else to this light but love. The experience was powerful and personal; the communication was through mathematics and music. I asked every question and the answers had nothing to do with learning, but remembering. I argued after being told that “You have to go back.” then God through the math and music showed me a Kentucky-like Heaven where every blade of grass had consciousness, the colors were not like any on Earth. I was shown the future, people I would meet when I chose to go back. I learned my future would be about giving service.”

Research has found ways to map out the process of dying to the point where we are on the verge of a huge transformation of thought about the afterlife. The interest in near death experiences is growing as people experiencing the aging process start asking “Is there something after this?” Those who have a NDE report that their consciousness is crystal clear, higher than when in the body. What these men, women and children saw and heard while out of their bodies has been proven to be 100% accurate , so NDE’s are beyond anything modern science can explain.

A man experienced a NDE while having open heart surgery.

“I found myself in a dark void. Then I felt a presence, the presence coalesced into the light which contained the universe. There was nothing outside of it; I could not wrap my mind around the light. People and things which were important to me were attached by some type of cords; these cords dissolved one by one as I drew closer to the light. The light kept getting brighter to the point where I was at the edge of the light; I was merging with the light. My body was becoming the light, the infinite. It seemed like an hour was spent coming close to merging and then not merging; I realized that if I merged with the light that I would disappear into the unity. I would be leaving my body and dying. There would be no going back. Then I decided to go back. Now I try to be creative and totally present as much as possible.”

Striking as well is that those met on the other side (relatives and friends) are always in picture perfect health. Of note as well is that the content of the NDE’s from all around the planet are strikingly similar. Then you will find that the NDE’s of small children are virtually the same as older children and adults. Small children have no knowledge of spirituality, much less the near death experiences.

This can only be seen as dramatic proof of the reality of these experiences.


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