Near Death Experience. Part 2.

Artist's depiction of the separation stage of ...
Artist’s depiction of the separation stage of an out-of-body experience, which often precedes free movement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
July 11, 2013
by Jerry Alatalo

We will all come to the point where our physical bodies will experience “death”. Millions of people have had NDE’s. There is a separating of consciousness where we will leave the physical body. The tunnels that people go through have a variety of descriptions. So bright, brighter than the sun, it was all love, took my breath away, the real world, home, tidal wave of unconditional love.

We will all have the life review where there will be no blame or judgment by anyone but we will judge ourselves.

A man came to be involved in a car accident and “died” at the scene. He describes what happened then.

“It was like I was standing on a balcony looking down on the car with me in it. It was as if I was then sucked through a tunnel. I went through space and ended in an extremely bright, white light. It was totally loving and exuded profound peace. There are no words which are adequate to describe that love and peace. Any questions that I had were answered in an instant. It seemed I was receiving more information than what you would find on the internet. Then Jesus looked directly into my heart as I watched my ‘life review’. Then I was told that I had to go back.”

Those who return from a NDE find it profoundly difficult to share because they become overwhelmed by the hurt and pain of the body compared to what they have seen and felt on the other side. The great majority of these people are changed. They no longer fear death and have found that they want to help others. They learn that we are all connected and they want to have nothing but a positive effect upon the world. They knew they were in Heaven and that everyone will have this experience. Some descriptions include: too amazing for words – profoundly comforted – pure, bright colors – never felt this happy – music too beautiful to describe – love, joy, peace – someone close by, intense love – please don’t send me back – not the same person – no way to describe the experience – no words – yes there is a Heaven.

One woman had a medical event and shares:

“I found myself rising out of my body in a funnel-shaped cloud. I became surrounded by a tranquil light and heard this stupendous beautiful singing. I came upon a city which had a foundation of diamonds with solid pearl gates. I remembered Jesus saying ‘In my father’s house there are many mansions. Make me real to people on Earth.’ Then Jesus came into my room and healed me. There was someone there to welcome me, to acclimate me. I saw the book of life and was told that we are always learning. Then I was told that my work was not finished and that I had to go back.”

Another man was told, by a woman psychic friend, that he had lung cancer and was going to die. Being a veteran of Vietnam, he was examined by doctors at this V.A. Hospital who found the lung cancer. He would receive serious treatments after signing up for a clinical trial. One lung had to be removed and he had to undergo another serious operation after complications arose from the first surgery. He woke up from the surgery and was looking at the doctors in his room praying for his soul as they were sure he would die. The doctors noticed his eyes were open and blurted, “He’s alive!” One doctor stayed while the others left the room. The doctor told him, “During the surgery you were talking to Jesus Christ.”

The doctor added, “You were engaged in a two-way conversation.” The patient thought to himself that the doctor shouldn’t be joking with him at that time, after such a difficult surgery.

The man went and saw his woman psychic friend. The moment she saw him, she froze. “You’re all lit up with angels!” she was crying. “You’re not supposed to be here. You left your body and screamed your regret at hurting anyone in your life. You told Jesus that you had lung cancer, you were getting government retirement checks and wanted to go back and have some fun. Jesus touched you and you were instantly healed. You will live another 25 years and you will help people, because that is all you want to do.”

Another woman recounts an event she had as a child and an event she had as an adult.

“There was a buzzing around my ears like I had been electrocuted. I was near the ceiling looking down at my body. As I moved toward this door I knew that if I went through the door I would not be coming back. I became aware of the universal consciousness that had every bit of knowledge that there ever was in the universe. I did not want to come back. I saw everything I had ever done, loving or unloving, to others.”

As a child, “I met my grandparents, they told me I still had a mission to complete on Earth. The guides would ask me, ‘Don’t you want to go back?’ Nothing on Earth compares, you have never been so loved in all your life than during what they call death. I was looking at the surgeon from above. In the tunnel it was totally peaceful, you don’t have any language to describe it. The beings I met were completely compassionate.”

When this woman described the buzzing around her ears like she had been electrocuted it described a personal experience. Years ago I had read all of Carlos Castaneda‘s books and he got into OBEs (out-of-body experiences) and the experience. One night I had the feeling of electrocution in my ears, as this woman described, after beginning to rise out of my body. This coinciding of physical descriptions between this woman and myself is proof for me. Believe it or not.

The Near Death Experience Research Foundation has compiled hundreds of NDE personal accounts. These accounts are available for your study at



5 thoughts on “Near Death Experience. Part 2.

  1. Good you shared this. It gives an insight that death and after experiences are not so painful, rather, peaceful. Nearly 3 years ago, I lost my father and I was always wondering that how he would be. Would he be fine or still suffering. The belief that he was a true worshipper of God and would not have been punished was consoling in itself. But still I used to feel if he was alright or not. After reading this post, I am sure that he would also have felt the love and light, that he probably never got on earth. I feel that he must be happy and blessed after death. So I thank you for sharing these words.

    God Bless


    1. Purnima,
      Thank you very much and God bless you as well. I am grateful that you have been allowed to feel relieved and consoled in some way. As human beings we worry that our loved ones, when they make the transition to spirit, may have somehow become lost, that we may never see them again. I am sorry to hear that your father passed away. Right now, as I am typing, I am aware of the fact that your father is here and that I must be very careful about what I communicate to you. When people speak about these matters there is an entry into things which are sacred and of the highest importance.
      My father passed twelve years ago at the age of eighty three. I feel compassion for those who lose a parent, or in some cases both parents, when they were much younger than eighty three. I remember the pastor, after sensing my sadness, saying, “We are all terminal” in an effort to help me at that time.
      Purnima, if you decide to spend a little time on the website (The Near Death Experience Research Foundation) you may find more confirmation and assurance that your father is happy and blessed.
      I am profoundly moved by your willingness to talk about your experience. Feel good about the fact that your sharing will console many men and women who you may never meet in this lifetime. Know that we wish you love, peace and all the blessings available from God.
      Thank you, Purnima.
      God Bless


    2. Purnima,
      Just wanted to add that I had an older brother who passed away years ago at the age of 32 from a heart attack. He was survived by his wife and three daughters aged five, three and one. So, from that perspective perhaps we can be thankful for the years we had together.
      Thank you,


    1. Dear Purnima,
      Any words we can share with our fellow brothers and sisters on this Earth which result in an increase of love are well worth saying. If our communication helped you in any way then I am happy and grateful.
      Thank you, Purnima. You are a good and generous person.


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