Near Death Experience. Part 1.

Paradise: Ascent of the Blessed
Paradise: Ascent of the Blessed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
July 10, 2013
by Jerry Alatalo

The NDE phenomenon has become increasingly well-known as people find the descriptions given by those who have had them absolutely fascinating. When you find these accounts and read them you will also find them raising your consciousness. You will be thankful for finding these personal accounts as they will transform you.

The truths contained in these personal NDE stories are truths which are of the utmost importance for humanity, all life and the living planet at this time. Thankfully the truths contained are becoming well-known, as the disseminating of spiritual truths described in these accounts is raising the consciousness of more and more people on Earth.

Effects are extreme on those who have had a NDE. After returning to their bodies these men, women and children become less materialistic. They become less concerned about gaining status. They become more altruistic, they have an unselfish concern about the welfare of others. There are profound life changes seen in those who have had their experiences and return to their bodies.

Another man had been involved heavily in the financial world. His sole purpose up to the point of his NDE was to accumulate money. He had a life threatening medical event and remembers, “Leaving my body and traveling to a place of profound, unconditional love. The experience was beautiful, filled with purposefulness and overwhelming. Three spiritual beings greeted me. I saw an old friend who I loved like a brother.”

He came to understand that his skills to make money had a purpose. At that moment his life changed. His heart became on fire with love. He was a financial guru who severed all links with the business world. He became a counselor and has dedicated his life to improving the lives of others; helping others. “The mind is a separate entity that goes on after the body stops. I am thankful for the experience. Death is a lie and I am looking forward to it.”

A woman suffered from a life threatening illness which resulted in her having excruciating pain. “I prayed to be released from the pain. I found myself hovering near the ceiling. I followed a man through the ceiling and found myself in a new dimension. I was in a beautiful meadow and saw a city that had streets paved with gold. I followed the man and saw my ancestors, family members and heavenly figures. I spent time with the Savior as my younger self. There was an army of evil marching toward me as a child. I saw a light 5-6 feet away from my body which radiated pure, unconditional love.”

“The light said, ‘Look to the light and live. What would you ask of me?’ I gave Jesus my pain and felt his unconditional love. Bring your burdens to Christ and you will have the freedom of peace.”

A man suffered a heart attack at home.

“I was watching my body from outside of my body. I now realize this is how everyone goes through it. I was watching the paramedics working on me. They took me from the house to the ambulance and I went through the wall of the house to follow them. I was behind the paramedic in the ambulance when I heard him say ‘He’s gone.’ Then a tunnel formed and I was going through it. The tunnel was peaceful, I felt safe and loved. It felt like I was going home. I heard chimes and then saw a bright, beautiful light. The light became a part of me and I became a part of the light. I saw a beautiful being who talked to me telepathically. I was then given a life review where I was there again experiencing every interaction with others that I ever had. I felt what the other person felt when I took the action. I felt their pain if I said or did something hurtful. Felt their joy if I did or said something loving. Nobody judged me, I was judging myself. I felt remorse, like a failure as a spiritual being. I learned that we are responsible and we are the difference that God makes. This is how the spirit can accomplish in the physical realm. I’m no longer afraid of dying, so I’m no longer afraid of living.”


Please share your thoughts on the phenomena of near death experiences. Do you know a man or woman who has, or have you personally, experienced going to the “other side”? Can you share the most important thing(s) you became aware of while having the experience or talking to people about their event(s)?


7 thoughts on “Near Death Experience. Part 1.

    1. Seeker,
      We have probably all had those dreams which were “more real” than typical dreams. You know, those dreams where afterward we stop and think about them because they seemed real. They are not NDEs but OBEs (out-of-body experience) or what some call astral travel. The ones I experienced came years ago when reading the books of Carlos Castaneda. Perhaps the books shaped my mind somehow to be more in sync, so to speak, with having the OBE. I remember going through a tunnel at an extremely high rate of speed, coming to a place with a view of a sunset from a high place (like a mountaintop) and then looking into my own face as if it was a foot in front of me. Perhaps I was looking at my soul, I don’t know. Around that time there were memories of OBEs where I was floating in the vicinity where I lived. The tunnel experience would come close to a NDE, as men and women who have NDEs frequently describe going through some type of tunnel, but it was not an experience as filled with events and descriptions like those who have had a “full-blown” near death experience. Memorable, yes. How about you? Anything like that?
      Thank you,


      1. the first and the last time I discussed about this was in a group. what creeped me out how people seemed to attached themselves to my energy and maybe I will share this in my post.

        One day. Thank you for asking.


    1. Eddie,
      When reading personal accounts one can see that your statement rings true. In my view NDEs provide humanity with sacred wisdom that, when a certain number of people understand, will transform the entire world. This is my estimation of the importance surrounding the whole phenomenon of near death experiences. Just as an individual’s life is changed by the event, the whole of humanity is changed as well. The words provided by those men, women and children who have had an NDE to describe it are the most profound words that this writer has ever come upon.
      Thanks for your comment, Eddie.


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