Addicted To Love.

God the Father 04
God the Father 04 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

July 10, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

God is love. How is it that God has come, for many, to be seen as an egotistical, angry, jealous being? How can it be, in the year 2013, that there are still “religious wars”? This cannot be true, can it? Countless are the men and women through human history who have tried to describe what God truly is.

Do not ask me what scientists are trying to do where billions of dollars have gone into trying  to discover the “God Particle.”

Just a small suggestion, but wouldn’t those billions of dollars be more helpful to humanity through the installing of basic solar units where our fellow human beings have no electricity? Does it not seem that directing that money energy in this way would be of much more benefit to humanity than chasing the “God Particle”? Could the Higgs boson be put on hold, put on the backburner?

Perhaps someone can fill me in here. What exactly are scientists trying to gain with this effort? If there are any physicists out there who can convince me that finding the God Particle, spending billions to do so, is a wiser effort than bringing electricity and a better quality of life to millions of people, I am open-minded enough to listen to your explanations.

The extent of my study of physics consists of reading twenty pages of a book on nuclear power years ago. After twenty pages I realized that there were prerequisite courses that needed my attention and study first. Please convince me that finding the God Particle is the wiser decision. I want to know that humanity has taken the right route here concerning the billions of dollars invested.

Just as today the U.S. government will be deciding whether to spend $10,000,000,000 (ten billion dollars) to “improve” a nuclear bomb, we wonder what would happen if those billions were to be directed to efforts which result in a better world. If there are any scientists out there who can convince me that spending billions of dollars on the most life-destroying thing ever created by man, instead of ending human suffering, I am open-minded enough to listen to your explanations.

Just as many have come to be taught that God is an egotistical, angry, jealous being, if there are any religious scholars out there who can convince me of that, I am open-minded enough to hear your explanations. Perhaps the incalculable psychological and spiritual damage done to human beings from the pushing of fear about a punishing God and his anger, his ego and jealousy, is evidence of error.

Perhaps the better route to take is saying that God is infinite, unconditional love.

The rays of the sun are God Particles.

Helping others, sharing with and showing compassion for your fellow-man, is the best defense.

God is love.


Robert Palmer (1949-2003) Addicted To Love


9 thoughts on “Addicted To Love.

  1. What kind of God are you referring to? The people who believe that God should be feared are Christians, because that’s what the Bible says. It seems to me that, unless you believe in the monotheistic God (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam), you do not fear God. Other religions do not teach that God is angry, jealous, etc.


    1. Tanya,
      This article derived from a discussion on another blog. I think it needs some editing. Let me use an example which may help clarify. In one of the posts on Bear Heart he described his meeting a woman who was a nun who had decided to leave, get married, and have children. When she told the priest that she was leaving he told her that she was, “going to burn in hell for her decision” or words along the same line. She did not understand that the priest had planted a seed in her mind. It came to the point where the woman ended up in an institution because she came to believe she was possessed by the devil. Bear Heart recognized that the seed was planted in the woman’s mind by the priest, it took some time for him to help her heal, and she eventually married the man she loved, had children and lived a happy, normal life.
      This ex-nun’s example was what I wanted to talk about in “Addicted To Love.” Many people have been damaged psychologically through irrational fear produced by seeds of thought that should never have been planted.
      My writing was kind of sloppy on this post and I apologize to you for that.


      1. Your writing isn’t sloppy! But now I understand better what you were getting at. I agree with you that certain faiths teach us to fear God, and that we will be punished by him if we disobey him. I know this first hand because I grew up Christian. It is very brave of you to even be talking about this on your blog because there will be those who may feel that you are speaking against their religion. BUT you have a right to your own belief system/philosophy on life, and yours is really beautiful- not angry or judgmental.

        I have yet to talk about my own philosophy of life fully because I worry about how other bloggers may react. I hope that I will be as brave as you one day to just speak my mind.

        In terms of the Higgs boson, I happen to have read a lot about it because I find astronomy really fascinating and fun to learn about. If you look at the proportion of funds that the US spends on science research, it is tiny compared to the amount it spends on anything else. In fact, a very large chunk is spent on the military. Another large chunk is spent on the healthcare system (which is still one of the worst in the world compared to that of other countries). As for alternative/sustainable energy, the budget is also tiny- which shows the gov’t’s priorities. Obviously, sustainable energy is extremely important, but funds aren’t necessarily being taken away from it. The gov’t just needs to re-prioritize it’s resources.


        1. Tanya,
          Thank you for easing my anxiety that I had somehow offended or hurt your feelings. One drawback of having a discussion online, as opposed to person to person, is that there is the possibility of unintended misunderstandings to occur. How can we “sense” the letters and words on a screen?! This would point to the challenge of writing, obviously.
          Regarding bravery, we as human beings are all heroes because, although we knew that life here on Earth would be at times difficult, we volunteered to come here anyway. So everyone we meet, every single man, woman and child on this Earth, is brave beyond our comprehension. This may sound woo-woo or out there or be looked upon as wacked. But when we think about it, there is truth in that possible version of reality. Needless to say the human experience is miraculous. In my experience, the study of near death experiences, especially personal accounts from those who have had them, gives one the closest description of reality to date. There is an organization, The Near Death Experience Research Foundation ( which has compiled hundreds of testimonies from men, women and children around the world. At risk of sounding cliché, it is a website I recommend to “cut to the chase” for seekers after truth.
          When you spend a little time at that NDE website, you will thereafter have no worry whatsoever about reactions from others. That is because you will be speaking from your heart, you will be speaking your truth. After all, don’t we as human beings all just want to share good ideas, laugh a little, and be happy while hoping for the same for all people? Tanya, I am so relieved that I did not hurt your feelings. It is the responsibility of those who write words in communicating to be vigilant regarding the power of the words. The words have an effect on those who read them. I hope the words I type will always have a positive, uplifting effect where there is an increase of love in this world.
          Thank you, Tanya.


  2. By the way, the “God particle” term is one most scientists don’t like and don’t use at all. They know that it sounds as if they are trying to replace God with science, which most are not. The Higgs boson (God particle) is just a theoretical particle that they hope will help to describe the universe better. News media has been using the term just because they know it will get people interested in the subject.


    1. Tanya,
      Regarding the “God Particle” my objection is the spending of billions of dollars while human beings are suffering. It is not a question of scientists’ sincerity or quest for knowledge, but one of priorities. This is why I asked for readers (hopefully a physicist) to convince me that the expenditure of billions of dollars to find the Higgs boson was a better use of the money than supplying electricity through solar energy to those without electricity in the world. I am simply interested to know if the priority is correct or not. Sorry, the post was written sloppily.
      Thank you,


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