Humanity and The Good Fight.

Lord Krishna displays his Vishvarupa (Universa...
Lord Krishna displays his Vishvarupa (Universal Form) to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
July 6, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

We hear people use the term “The Good Fight”. “Keep on fighting the good fight”, we say to each other. What is your interpretation of the good fight? Could the good fight be that one which persons engage in to bring about good things in the lives of fellow brothers and sisters on this Earth?

In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna comes to the point where he cannot see any reason to go into battle and kill other human beings including men who are fathers, uncles, cousins, and friends who have yet to experience true joy in life; they have yet to find the happiness that is the right of every human being.

Arjuna is then to engage in a dialogue with Krishna (God, Creator, Source) which seems to not be a literal blood and guts war, but the spiritual war that is going on inside every person. This war is one which humans have no escape from fighting. Every person has to decide which side of the battle, love or fear, they will fight for.

In the ultimate battle, the battle between love and fear, the decisions that humanity takes regarding the health and well-being of every living thing are arrived at. Despite the continuing reports of violence and other ways that human beings harm each other, we can sense that humanity is rising to a higher way of seeing our common life experience. The most basic principle of all, that of not harming others, is being understood, accepted and fully embraced by many millions of men and women on this Earth.

Humanity has decided to fight the Good Fight and strive to eliminate all forms of actions which do not raise, do not improve,  the health and well-being of all living things.

The Good Fight, if you decide to fight it, will result in your greater connection with all of life on this Earth. This includes people, animals, plants and all things.

For whatever reason, my part of the fight includes fighting greed, inequality, poverty, genetic modification of life forms and ending war itself. It is not a struggle that is difficult or very complex to describe. Our educational systems have been very good, yet there are times when we become wrapped up, straight-jacketed, in the over reliance on the complex.

We see this over reliance in educational and spiritual arrogance, where those who have not come across the world of books on the various forms of study in earthly and spiritual endeavors, become looked upon as “less than”, “less important” and to be ignored. Those who have the knowledge of earthly and spiritual things have tended to disregard and turn away from those who have yet to accumulate such knowledge.

This misses the greatest wisdom that we are One.

We have pictures of this Earth from deep space where the planet can be seen as a speck in the universe. This perspective allows us to gain a vision of the immensity of the universe. In this vision we come to think deeply about life and what we can do to find the true purpose of existence.

When we think deeply on these things we have a high probability of arriving at the experiencing of unconditional love. It seems that there is no other destination point available for us as human beings. Unconditional love is the highest spiritual achievement a human being can attain. Fighting “The Good Fight” means that one has made the conscious decision to increase the awareness of unconditional love to the point where every single action taken on this Earth, at every level from individual to collective, shall be sourced, shall be 100% based on, unconditional love.



4 thoughts on “Humanity and The Good Fight.

  1. hipmonkey

    Have you ever considered that Arjuna’s enemies might symbolically represent projections of his own ego? His battle then would be with his ego, and conquering the ego is something I’d consider ”the good fight.” Peace Jerry.


    1. Hipmonkey,
      Yes, we have considered the ego battle. As the Bhagavad Gita explains, certainly the actions we as humans take, whether there is a desire for the fruits of those actions or not, points to the battle between ego and spirit. It is no wonder that Mahatma Gandhi considered the Gita his spiritual bible and always carried a copy with him. So, yes, the battle, “The Good Fight”, is overcoming the ego. Thankfully the Bhagavad Gita is always available to re-read often. A classic spiritual writing that contains timeless wisdom.
      Thank you,


  2. Outstanding post and insight Jerry! You are probably familiar with this story given your Native American leanings and background….

    From one of my earlier posts:

    One day an old Native American grandfather was talking to his grandson. He said, “There are two wolves fighting inside all of us – the wolf of fear and hate, and the wolf of love and peace.”
    The grandson listened, then looked up at his grandfather and asked, “Which one will win?”
    The grandfather replied, “The one we feed.”


    1. Professor,
      Isn’t it both interesting and reassuring that when we look at the fundamentals of every spiritual tradition, that they agree? I’m not certain but I think the words came from a Native American prayer: “Great Spirit, grant me the strength to defeat my greatest enemy, myself.” So, as Hipmonkey mentioned the “fight” to defeat the ego, this corresponds to defeating our greatest enemy. The ego is a subject that contains the highest importance. We may underappreciate just how important the subject is simply because it has only three letters. Ego, spirit, love, fear, hate, peace are all short words that encompass the whole of life on this Earth.
      It is in the realization of the all-encompassing nature of the feelings, thoughts and actions associated with these words where we approach the breakthroughs for humanity. The cliché “where the rubber meets the road” would be appropriate. We are talking about ideas which deal with the absolute power of unconditional love which is sometimes difficult to articulate on. Ask someone these days about the Kardashians and you will get a long discussion. Ask the same people about unconditional love and the talk kind of fizzles in a short time.
      Making the effort to grasp the meaning of existence, the largest issues, is one which is not talked about very often. Thankfully we are seeing many more embracing discussions on unconditional love and forgiveness these days.
      Thank you,


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