Hammered Post.

English: Superior Dome, the world's largest wo...
English: Superior Dome, the world’s largest wooden dome (photo taken from opposite sides), Marquette, Michigan, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I’m going to post while I’m hammered. If what I have to say to you is the truth, my truth, what is the big deal? In my little town there was a dance to celebrate the Fourth of July. So we went downtown to see what we would see. I tried to consciously share love with my fellow brothers and sisters. There was a conscious desire to let others, fellow human beings, know that they were loved.

It was well worth the effort to approach these situations where there was 100% honesty and the willingness to be real. I ended up sitting next to a man who said that he had come to understand love while at the same time telling me about the fights he had been in. I ran into a teacher who has been retired for quite a few years and we reminisced about a powerful speech which he had arranged from an offensive line coach at Northern Michigan University by the name of Buck Nystrom.

Buck Nystrom is one of those people who, if you are fortunate enough  to experience, literally changes you for the better. He came to our high school sports banquet on his own dime and delivered what can only be described as a powerful speech. He pointed out that in the game of football, the average play lasts maybe five seconds. The total amount of time that actual play occurs is 20-30 minutes. So Buck Nystrom came to powerfully express that if you “bust a gut” for the 30 minutes you will be successful in the game of football.

Buck Nystrom made a difference in the lives of people wherever he was. He made a profound difference. The reason that he made a profound difference in the lives of others is that he LOVED others.

Buck Nystrom is a person who has come to the realization that it is entirely possible to make a good difference in the lives of others. He manifested that realization  in the lives of many of his fellow human beings. He made the effort to connect in a good way. He understood that love is the most powerful force in this world. He is one of those people who has made the decision to love unconditionally, no matter what.



2 thoughts on “Hammered Post.

    1. Professor,
      Thank you for your expression of compassion. My only solace is that there were many in the same boat. Although beer is a form of truth serum, all in all alcohol is a dead end street. James Taylor, who struggled with drug addiction, said that the best high was being straight. He was right.
      Thanks again, Happy 4th of July.


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