In Memory of Bear Heart. Part 9.

June 28, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

bearheart cover“Darkness seems like something that’s hard to stand up against, but light is much stronger-just a small light dispels the darkness. That’s how it is with everything. If there’s negativity all around, find the positive counterpart and utilize it.”

Bear Heart tells us how we can handle the inescapable suffering that is a part of life. “In difficult times, we are made more aware of the resources that we have within ourselves and therein lies our peace. Peace is not the absence of conflict. It comes with our ability to cope with that conflict. And so in the darkest moments of your own life, never lose sight of the fact that the sun is going to shine through to a great day, a great life. Whatever your potential is, you can reach it.”

He mentions Jesus and his divine connection with the Father. Jesus took care of many things, in what seem to be miraculous ways, because of that divine connection. Bear Heart noted that there is still a Power today that takes care and makes a way for us.

He said, “Live hopefully. It does not matter what happens, what your circumstances are, you have something to connect with.” He told us that the most important thing is not our circumstances in life, but our reactions to them. He said we must honor every situation and, if bad, salvage it by turning it from a negative into a positive.

“When something terrible happens to you, say, “Thank you,” because there’s a lesson there.” When we are faced with difficult situations, the ego is burnt away and we find the real person that we are. Difficult situations bring out the best in us or the worst in us, and it is up to us.

Bear Heart said that we don’t always know how God works; we go up the hill, find some rest and have to go uphill again. He shares the words of one of his songs of encouragement: “You’ve been climbing a hill all of your life. It levels off and then another hill comes and you climb again. Now I’m hoping that things level off and you might see better days ahead.”

In God’s mysterious way a great blessing may come and give us the strength and guidance we need. “We should let him do the driving of our lives-He knows the best way to get from here to there.”

We sometimes lose our good feelings when difficulties happen, but it is not the end of life. These are challenges and we go on and are stronger. As long as the fire of spirit is still lit, even if it is the size of a single match, it can carry us forward with the potential to realize our hopes and dreams. “If we’re going to fail, it’s better to fail trying than just giving up.”

He shares how his mother dealt with his life threatening sickness as a baby. His mother told him she dedicated his life to the Creator. She said to the Creator, “If you let this child live, I will do my best to be a good mother. I will raise him knowing something about You and Your great love, so that he can walk this Earth and be of help to people. He will be Your feet, Your eyes, Your voice, Your hands. However You can use him, I dedicate him to You now.” His fever broke and he got well.

Bear Heart’s heart was broken with the death of his son in a plane crash where eighty people died. His son wanted him to see Hawaii and a few years later he was there. He went to Pele Point where Hawaiian legend says that the winds of the universe began. His mother was of the wind clan so he climbed to the point, despite objections from the guards there.

He sang his songs to the East, South, West and North. He spoke to the Creator: “My mother, when I was very small, dedicated me. At this time I rededicate myself anew to you, from my heart. I will be Your feet, Your hands, Your eyes, Your voice, just as she said. If there’s any love that You have, a special love that You want for people, let it flow through me. Let me touch someone and make them a little happier, so that they can be well and walk with good purpose on this land. Please use me.”

He describes how, after coming down from the peak, the guards asked him who was up there with him. He answered “No one.” The guards had heard lots of voices singing. Bear Heart said that they heard the voices singing but that he hadn’t.

Bear Heart uses the example of a little child to illustrate the power of love.

“What is love? What is the manifestation of love? Picture a mother sewing or reading or watching TV while her child is playing on the floor with dolls or toys. All of a sudden the child gets an inspiration, jumps on mother’s lap, and puts their little arms around her. ‘Mommy, I love you.’ That is an expression of love from a little child’s heart. Can you buy that? Can you force it to happen? How much is that worth in terms of money?”

He said that love is synonymous with forgiveness. Harmony and unity can only be found where there is love and forgiveness.

Bear Heart compares the cooperation of ants to the wars and fighting of human beings. He asks how, if humans are so superior, why is there all this fighting? “Why is it that if someone belongs to a particular religion or race he can’t help someone who doesn’t belong to it? What kind of love do they have? It’s very conditional love-‘Unless you do this I will not help you.’ ”

“So praying is not only following rituals and doing it just right. It’s how we feel inside, how our heart connects, and how we live. That’s called walking the spirit road.”  We are not simply following a religion but following the Universal Being of All Creation and All Wisdom. We try our best  because our belief system is based on love. If we make mistakes we can say “I’m sorry” and God is ready to forgive us.

“The power of love-if that love is sincere and true-is the only force that can melt the human heart. Nuclear weapons can destroy people and have long-lasting effects, but love is what repairs and heals. No bomb can do that, it has to come from understanding and tolerance. And it has to come from forgiveness being channeled into the lives of other people, making them feel their worth and stimulating their potential. If you have a lot of love, animals come up to you, even flowers seem to follow you as you walk by, recognizing and responding to love. Love is expandable, it can encompass this whole universe. It can heal.”

“The number 4 is very significant to Native people-it is a number of completeness. The white, black, yellow, and red races represent all humanity. At one time there might even have been a common race of people who divided and became different colors with different backgrounds. Maybe this was a preparation for each of these races to learn all they could among their own people and then in time we will combine the red, black, yellow, and white into one big culture. And if the Spirit is one, we may not change colors, but instead change our attitudes into the spirit of oneness with all living things on this planet, not only the two-leggeds, but the four-leggeds, the wingeds, those that are in the water, and those that crawl.”

“It’s time to stress the things we have in common with one another, to show how much alike we are. We might be surprised to find that we are truly brothers and sisters in this universe, and most important, that we have to maintain that relationship in order to survive.”

Continued in Part 10…