In Memory of Bear Heart. Part 8.

June 27, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

sun111Bear Heart shares that there is much we can do on our own to take care of any sickness. “As much as you can think yourself sick, you can turn it around and think yourself well. We haven’t even explored one-eighth of the mind’s potential.”

He said that the cures are already within us, but that we have never been taught that we can handle most of our own problems. “People often ask for advice and counseling, but overall, the best advice I can give to anyone at any time is: Never complete a negative statement.”

He advises that our thoughts which originate in our conscious awareness are acted upon by our subconscious, and events occur which come out exactly as our conscious awareness created. If we put something negative into our minds, then negative is what we will experience.

Bear Heart said, “We attract. The situation you are most afraid of you are going to attract. Some fear is healthy because it makes you cautious. But when you’re overly afraid of something, you’re going to attract that very thing.”

He recalled a psychologist’s experience with a Native man he somehow angered at an Indian hospital. The Indian man got angry and told the psychologist, “We have ways of dealing with people like you. I’m going to get you.”

Bear Heart’s nephew called him for help as the psychologist’s leg drew up and he was unable to move it; doctors could not find the cause. Bear Heart knew that the Indian had threatened him, could find nothing planted inside his leg, and determined that the psychologist unconsciously did it to himself.

He told the psychologist, “As a psychologist, you know good and well what took place. He planted a seed in your mind-‘We can do things to you’-and that seed germinated into a reality. You know about transference, when the mental changes into the physical, and this is the case here. Whether you own up to it or not, you were scared and as a result your leg drew up. I’m going to undo it with four songs, then I’m going to blow my eagle whistle four times in four directions, and then I’ll fan you off with this eagle feather. After the first song you’ll begin moving your leg. With the second song, you’ll be able to begin to stretch it out. And by the time I finish the fourth song your leg will be straight. Then I’m going to give thanks with this whistle to the Great Being who really helped.”

Bear Heart compares thoughts, whether negative or positive, to seeds which become planted in the conscious mind. Our subconscious responds with attracting all the things necessary to bring the idea into fulfillment. “People often wonder why we have so many aches and pains or so many difficult circumstances surrounding them. We create them, but by the very same token we can take care of them with our own minds.”

He said that thinking affects the body so it’s important how you think and what you think about. “That’s why it is best to know what you are putting into your conscious awareness because all of it is energy, vibrations.”

He shares how to get good, restful sleep. Before we go to sleep we want to relax our body. Whether you start with your feet or head, go to all parts of your body and relax every muscle while taking deep, slow breaths. Breathe in soothing, calming thoughts which lull you into a deep, restful sleep.

As you breathe out, imagine you are releasing all tensions and stress into the atmosphere. You are relaxing both your body and the thoughts and feelings that are going on within. While lying there give thanks for the events of the day and ask for a peaceful rest. You will feel energized in the morning.

“We have tapped into very little of our mind’s power, a very small portion. Not because we have such a little mind, but because we don’t rely upon and utilize it enough. The mind has the power to do anything. It’s better than any wonder drug that’s been developed for any reason today.

Bear Heart was taught early in life to laugh at ourselves and with others. He learned to not poke fun at other people but to poke fun at situations where everyone can laugh together. He recommends balancing serious things with lighter things. Maybe reading westerns or humor books at times and then going back to serious books.

He talks about there being two sides to every whole; night and day, guilt and innocence, male and female. He gives a simple way to bring relaxation to ourselves. “Put the left hand at the base of your spine and the right hand in the curve where your head and neck meet-just hold them there and you’ll begin to feel relaxed. Placing your hands that way connects the positive and negative poles of the nervous system, and the energy flowing back and forth balances the body and calms you down. But don’t reverse your hands-if you put the left up top and the right at the bottom, it works the opposite way, it makes you irritable.”

Bear Heart recommended that we balance the left side, logical hemisphere of our brains with the right side, spiritual hemisphere to live a balanced life. He mentions instinct as being our first thought about what to do in a situation. Our logical mind then ruins our first instinct and we pay the consequences.

“The reason that I am over seventy-five years old and still going strong is due to the fact that one of the first lessons we were taught was to live one day at a time. We didn’t think in terms of years or birthdays. Live life as though you might die tomorrow. Do what you would like to be doing, and do your best each day. If you want to be lazy, be good and lazy. If you want to be industrious, be really industrious that day.”

He recommends thinking pleasant thoughts while we are eating to allow good digestion of the nutrients and the food. Eat in silence with only words that are light or funny. Choose to put foods which are good for you into your body. Prepare your food and eat it with love. Don’t overeat, be grateful for the food, and leave a little food on the plate. You are saying, “May this food find its way to someone who might be in need, someone we don’t even know.”

He said to do this not for show but because we all live on the same Earth, breathing the same air-we are all relatives.

When he was a boy one of his elders told him, “Notice the leaves on the tree. When it turns cold, the leaves are going to change color and fall, but they’re still part of that tree. When you live long enough, in your maturity, your life is going to be meaningful and others will notice you. e colors changing in each leaf, they’re going to see you for what you have done in life, and it will be beautiful to see. Eventually you’re going to fall, but in falling, you’re going to make it possible for other life forms to come after you. When the new year comes, when everything becomes green again, part of that which fell to the ground will be alive. And so it is with life, it goes on and on. What we’re actually doing is borrowing the sunlight, the wind, and the food, which comes to us from deep under the ground-the roots reach up and feed us here out on the limb. So, think of each day as a loan and learn to use it wisely.”

Continued in Part 9…



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