The Overview Effect.

Originally posted on June 26, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

galaxy22Alphabet Contemplation and observation of Earth from the profound perspective of space literally changes a human being. From that viewpoint, any ideas having to do with separation leading to disharmony – whether separate nations, regions, spiritual traditions, races, political philosophies, wealth/classes or power levels – become absolutely meaningless. Seeing the Earth in this way helps give an idea of the fundamental vision and genesis of this blog – The Oneness of Humanity. If – when – the human race fully understands the concept of oneness between all people, all life, and all things,  it will mark the closest civilization has approached to achieving its greatest evolutionary movement. Some react to the idea of establishing heaven on Earth by saying it is simply and clearly impossible, unrealistic, waste-of-time, Utopian thinking.

While viewing The Overview Effect men and women may find themselves experiencing moments of deep spiritual understanding that Earth is heaven, that humanity has always owned the real opportunity to choose such a way of perceiving, and awareness of universal oneness that truly makes all the good difference in the world.

Oneness – Earth Overview


For more information from the film’s producers:

The Overview Institute

7 thoughts on “The Overview Effect.

    1. Erik,
      Thanks to those who produced the film, many people all over the Earth will be able to greatly broaden their horizons. The film certainly gives one a profound perspective and is a very powerful spiritual experience. This is a documentary that people simply have to share with everyone, everywhere.
      Thank you,


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    1. Shakti,
      Nice to meet you. I agree. When one sees a film like this it is impossible to NOT share it with others. What’s really neat is that the quality is so crisp that it’s like actually being out there, looking at the Earth from that place. People would do well to re-view “The Overview Effect” now and then, like re-reading an excellent book.
      Thanks for commenting,


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