In Memory of Bear Heart. Part 6.

bearheart coverJune 25, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

Bear Heart goes on to explain where the power to heal originates. He told us that medicine people never call themselves “medicine people.” He also noted that he and those healers like him never make medicine. The medicine is already here and healers have the knowledge to put things together which brings results.

He said that there is only one healer and that is the Creator; he is the only one who can heal. Those referred to as “medicine person” have gained the knowledge which allows him or her to work with people, so help and healing comes from the one who created us. He said that men and women healers were caretakers of sacred knowledge and that was all.

This knowledge has been kept secret until recently as those who practiced it would have been accused of practicing medicine without a license or some other crime.

Bear Heart describes how he used the medicine of the four-headed snake we described earlier. His nephew got into a misunderstanding with the local sheriff where he had been arrested for assaulting a sheriff’s deputy. Bear Heart used the song he learned at the river to fix tobacco while using another chant to keep people from noticing him.

Early in the morning before his nephew’s trial he spread tobacco around the entrances to the courthouse while he said the names of the judge, prosecuting attorney, the sheriff and the deputies. The deputies gave contradictory statements on the stand, the prosecuting attorney spoke for only two minutes. His nephew knew Bear Heart was there so when his attorney asked him if he wanted to accept a lesser fine his nephew replied “No, I want to see it through.”

The judge gave him a $50 fine with no jail time. They forgot to assess him the $50.

Bear Heart only used this chant because he thought it was the correct and fair thing to do. His nephew, in Bear Heart’s mind, did not deserve any punishment because the sheriff’s deputy had come from behind him without identifying himself and his nephew was simply defending himself.

Bear Heart helped the owners of a ski resort in Colorado who were his friends by producing much-needed snow at their resort. They had asked him to come to their resort and bless their land. When he arrived it began to snow that night. He performed a ceremony the next morning, without any cameras or audio recording, and it started to snow heavily.

He received many calls from around the nation as he had been interviewed by a reporter from “A Current Affair.” He could have made money but reminded the reader that he had to always be clear with his motivations. One woman called and said she would “set him up for life” if he could help her attain abundant riches. If he would have used the medicine ways to do that he would have gone against what he had learned.

Bear Heart then points out that he did not direct the snow but he just made an appeal to the Creator. That he did not take credit for what the Creator does.

His elders taught him that we answer for everything we do so “we must not misuse these powers.” The basis of alchemic action is the transferring of energy. Bear Heart learned from his teachers how to ask for the appropriation of the power of the clouds to produce snow, and that is what occurred.

He learned to take care of the sacred trust that his elders passed on to him and was then able to appeal to a Higher Power and get results. This involved taking on a great responsibility.

“To become powerful is to allow a Greater Power to work through you. But seeking power just to be considered powerful – we don’t even talk about it.”

Bear Heart mentions the energy of inanimate objects. He talks about the spiritual people who are fond of collecting rocks and stones. “When you receive something solid from the Earth like a rock, a crystal, or even jewelry, you don’t always know its history or what kind of energy is has accumulated, so it is best to bury it in the Earth for four days and on the fifth day dig it up – by then the energy in it will be cleansed.”

“If you want to clear the energy of an item made of fabric, let it sit out in the sun for four days. That will take care of it.” Afterwards put your own energy into the item for something good and it’s yours.

The Dark Side of Power.

Bear Heart talks then about those who don’t like people praying for each other and practice darkness to bring bad results in the lives of people they think are “too good.” He mentions that people who work to help others are often the targets of those who don’t practice helping, but from his training he attained a built-in protection.

He said that “If any one gets really, really mad at me, as long as I don’t retort with the same kind of energy, something bad happens to them. I don’t do it, they do it to themselves. If I’m taking care of the medicine in  a good way, that is the Great Spirit‘s way of taking care of his own.”

Bear Heart shares his story about thirteen people he met after giving a lecture at a major university. One of the school officials told him these thirteen wanted to meet Bear Heart but he should be advised that they were witches. Bear Heart thought to himself that this is nothing new to me. Bear Heart recognized that thirteen represents a cell with a high priestess and a spokesperson.

The spokesperson said they recognized a strong spirit in him and wanted permission to use that spirit. “Well, if there’s enough to go around, you’re welcome to use it. There’s only one thing-mine happens to be positive, so if you try to use it in negative ways, it will backfire and won’t work.”

As Bear Heart was saying that one wanted to try out his power and put him to the test. He felt a wind about two fingers wide coming at him and just before it hit his lips, he blew it away. He knew the man was trying to choke him. When he blew it away, it went back on the originator and he started gagging and choking. Bear Heart blew his eagle bone whistle at him and he stopped choking. He fanned him with his eagle feather and he started breathing normally.

Bear Heart brought him in and said, “You evidently didn’t believe me when I said your actions would backfire. I knew immediately when you tried to choke me. There are just four words I could speak and they would be burying you tomorrow, but if I did that I would be no better than what you tried to do. I challenge all thirteen of you to zap in on me at one time. Together you’re bound to have a certain amount of power. The reason negatives seem to work all the time is that there are no positives to stand up to them.”

They didn’t take Bear Heart up on his offer.

He had to study ways of witchcraft so as to be able to help the victims of it. His uncle was the victim of a sorcerer who was colluding with someone who was angry about a land deal. The sorcerer told the angry person to take the imprint of his uncle’s footprint where he was standing, take it into the woods and find a tree that had been struck by lightning. The sorcerer took wood from that tree, sang a chant, built a fire and threw the imprint of Bear Heart’s uncle’s foot into the fire.

His uncle’s foot got so hot that he ended up in the hospital, where doctors were baffled. His uncle called and told Bear Heart, “Nephew, I want you to help me.” Bear Heart got there and the problem had gone up to his knee. It was very serious. He told his uncle, “If the person they hired to do this to you is still living, I can help you. If he has died, I can only help you to live with it, but I can’t cure you. If you want to find someone else who can, it’s all right with me.”

His uncle wanted Bear Heart to treat him and, after four months he had the scars, but he was able to walk again. Bear Heart said that “It wasn’t my power that helped him but, as an instrument, I was able to use powers entrusted in my care.”

“We are merely channels through which the Great Power helps other people achieve a state of well-being body, mind, and soul. When we use medicine, we’re subject to the One who has control of all power.”

“When power is misused to hurt others, our people say that you always pay for it in one way or another. …you pay for it, maybe in the loss of a loved one, or some great tragedy to your self or to your bloodline. And if nothing like that seems to happen, at one point, when you leave this Earth, you’re going to have to face the One who gave you this power in the first place, and He’s going to ask, ‘I gave you certain knowledge, certain power. How well did you use it?’ You are going to have to answer Him. You can’t lie.”

Importance of patient and doctor belief.

Bear Heart talks about where eighty to ninety percent of the healing comes from within the patient; because of their belief that they will be healed. He explained that the patient has within them the ability to cure their own self and that he just presses a little button for the patient to make their own self well.

Doctors and medicine people have energy that has a large part to play in healing. Either must believe that the medicine is going to work; there can be no doubt about this. The elders told him, “Never let doubt come into your mind. This medicine was passed down from generations before us and it first came from the Source of all life, so if you doubt, you’re doubting His power. Don’t project your own weaknesses, because you’re not drawing it from yourself, you’re drawing it from a Higher Being who has all the power necessary to heal. Don’t ever think, ‘It might help.’ Think, ‘It will.’ This has helped many people; it’s going to help this person.”

Bear Heart said, “…be a positive force and initiate positive feelings in that other person. Attitude is part of the medicine, so you must have faith because all medicine comes from the same Source.”

Tobacco offering.

If someone wants to ask for help from a medicine person they must offer tobacco to him or her; it is a necessary part of the healing ceremony. The tobacco gives permission to ask, and is a form of protection for the healer who sometimes takes on great danger when treating serious illnesses. The tobacco activates the healer’s knowledge and training where he/she becomes transformed from an average human into an instrument through which the Great Power flows.

Regarding gifts or payments for his services, Bear Heart said, “I don’t take it as an affront personally (if the patient gives him nothing), but sometimes I feel very sad about how people treat the One who really does heal and give. Is that all they think about him? How do they live their own lives? They have a lot of possessions, but who’s behind them? Everything we have – materially and spiritually – comes from the Creator. People often seem to forget that. Those thoughts go through my mind many times. Then it goes out after I’ve thought about it. ‘So, put all this behind you. The medicine takes care of it down the road someplace. Go ahead and do your best.’ That’s what my teachers told me.”

He explained that “Whenever we pray for something and receive it, one thing that our people are taught to do is say thank you. When you do that, many more blessings come.” The more we show our appreciation, the more blessings we receive.

When Bear Heart worked with patients he first diagnosed the cause of the problem, not its effects. He retrieved the consciousness of the wife of a doctor he knew. She had gone into a coma after an automobile accident. He told her husband, “Right now another consciousness has taken over. Her own consciousness is still around but she’s not using it – it’s taken off and I’m going to call it back into her body. When I’m finished, I want her to wake up and be aware of things.”

He stood at her bedside and blew the eagle bone whistle four times-to the East, South, West, and North. He then drove a few miles in each direction and blew the whistle again, for reinforcement. He noted that the next day the woman came out of the coma with 80 percent of her memory. She lost twenty percent of her memory, but she was able to function.

Dave Lewis told him, “I’m sending you on a very lonely road. No one really will ever truly understand you. They think they know you, but they don’t know what you’re thinking about, they don’t know the feelings that you have, how sometimes even in a busy, crowded place you need to make certain contact, and to do so, you need to be somewhat withdrawn. That’s why, in a social situation it’s very uncomfortable for you just to sit down and talk to pass the time: ‘Oh, yes, this and all that. Oh, isn’t it wonderful, and, my, I saw a beautiful chair in the store window the other day. And, gosh, the way they were dressed.’ These aren’t things you can relate to when you carry medicine. So it’s sort of a lonely road, but in the end, it’s worthwhile. It’s all worthwhile.”

Bear Heart describes being exhausted after staying awake for two days helping people. He got home after driving two hundred miles and immediately went to sleep. He was awakened at ten o’clock that evening and told that “there was someone to see you.” It was a crying twelve-year-old boy. Someone drove him there. He said, “Could you help my grandfather? He’s really sick, we think he’s going to die. I love my grandfather, I don’t want him to die. Could you please help him?”

Bear heart could not say no even though he was exhausted. He drove forty miles and took two days to take care of the boy’s grandfather.

The boy didn’t know about the tobacco offering, but Bear Heart said that he offered his heart to him and that was all right. The boy said, “I don’t have much, but I have this feather. I want you to have it.” Bear Heart said that it is the eagle feather that he carried with him at all times to bless people, houses, and events.

“I carry that feather with me because it’s a gift, not only from a child, but from Above. It made its way into my hands, and its a powerful feather; you can feel its energy even before you touch it. That’s how things happen in the life of a medicine person. The sparkle in that boy’s eyes was thank you enough for me. I was glad that I was still around to help someone like that.”

“When you have a good purpose and reach for that purpose, it makes life worthwhile to live.”

Continued in Part 7…