In Memory of Bear Heart (1918-2008). Part 1.

June 20, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

ranier-1He was born Marcellus Williams in 1918 in the state of Oklahoma. He was to become known as Bear Heart. He was a Native American medicine man.

We are going to share with you the story of this generous soul who transitioned to the spirit world in 2008 because it is a valuable story. The Wind Is My Mother is the title of Bear Heart’s autobiography and he collaborated with Molly Larkin to produce the book.

Molly fell in love with a man named Cougar who was a man of white and Native American descent. He committed suicide in 1987 and it was at his memorial service that she first met Bear Heart. Bear Heart said to her, “There are many kinds of death. It isn’t necessary to leave the physical body in order to let a part of you die that doesn’t serve you any longer. When you allow that to happen, you can be reborn into a new and better life.”

The medicine man named Bear Heart gave Molly renewed hope and the willingness to embrace life instead of running from it. She no longer would judge herself by comparing her accomplishments and possessions to others. Because of her relationship with Bear Heart Molly experienced a major transformation which allowed for serenity and peace of mind.

When Molly wrote the book she said “…it is my sincere hope that readers of this book will receive the same kind of inspiration from Bear Heart’s words.”

I am grateful to come to wise words in the form of books. We will share the words of Bear Heart here and in posts to follow.

His mother introduced him to the Four Directions: East, South, North and West when he was three days old. “I’m asking special blessings for this child. You surround our lives and keep us going. Please protect him and bring balance into his life.”

She touched his feet to Mother Earth. “Dear Mother and Grandmother Earth, one day this child will walk, play and run on you. I will try to teach him to have respect for you as he grows up. Wherever he may go, please be there supporting and taking care of him.”

And the sun… “Grandfather Sun, shine upon this child as he grows. Let every portion of his body be normal and strong in every way, not only physically but mentally. Wherever he is, surround him with your warm, loving energy. We know there will be cloudy days in his life, but you are always constant and shining-please shine through to this child and keep him safe at all times.”

And the wind… “Please recognize this child. Sometimes you will blow strong, sometimes you will be very gentle, but let him grow up knowing the value of your presence at all times as he lives upon this planet.”

And the water… “Water, we do not live without you. Water is life. I ask that this child never know thirst.”

And fire… “Fire, burn away the obstacles of life for this child. Make the way clear so that he will not stumble in walking a path of learning to love and respect all of life.”

Bear Heart shared that “…as children we were introduced to the elements so as we grew up we were not looking down upon nature or looking up to nature. We felt a part of nature, on the same level. We respected each blade of grass, one leaf on a tree among many other leaves, everything.”

Continued in Part 2…


Neil Young / Farmaid 2011 / “Heart Of Gold”

8 thoughts on “In Memory of Bear Heart (1918-2008). Part 1.

    1. Thank you for your wish of blessings and joy. We also wish for you blessings and joy. Bear Heart’s life story is very interesting and valuable for men and women to hear about. The spirit and wisdom of his words will hopefully help many people. I wish that I could have sat down and talked with him.
      It is good that you are happy. Thank you.


        1. That will be a good dream, my friend. A good dream indeed. Perhaps down the road you could share your experiences. Kick it around, as my intuition tells me your experiences could help others on this, what Bear Heart termed, Spirit Road. Please do not feel any pressure from here to disclose your personal experience. I understand and appreciate that certain things in a person’s life are best kept private.
          Thank you for suggesting that possibility. It is good to meet you.


          1. Jerry,
            I am always happy to share with those who are really wanting to know… instead of those that just want their ears tickled. There is a reason our paths crossed and we will talk one day. It is more than a possibility for Bear Heart to come visit you, we are spirit first and what we call dreams are visitations from spirit for guidance, insight, knowledge, truth, protection and a loving visit. They are never just for nothing.
            I look forward to chatting with you.
            Have a great day! oh nice to meet you too!


            1. What is so interesting about blogging is the many views that are shared by men and women from around the Earth. The phenomena surrounding communication over the internet is something all people should be thankful for. The sharing of ideas is a beautiful thing which brings people from around the world together in a good way. Hopefully we can participate in discussions where many men and women from all regions on Earth join in and good can be created. Good meaning more feelings of love, understanding, peace and oneness.
              Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are a generous person.
              Best regards,


  1. Words are powerful magic. They can soothe a youngster’s fears or start someone on the road to recovery from disease. On Word Press we see the power of words and more. Thank you for sharing the story of Bear Heart . His words and story are legendary and legends live forever!
    I look forward to reading more about Bear Heart and other stories from you. Thank you for following Eddie Two Hawks.


    1. Eddie,
      Bear Heart’s life story is one which, when you hear or read about it, it is impossible NOT to share with others. I am thankful for having, through WordPress, the ability to do that. Hopefully many men and women will be helped in a good way after reading about him.
      Thank you, Eddie. Stay in touch and perhaps we can get some good discussions started with men and women from around the Earth.
      Best regards,


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