Your Good Thoughts Travel Much Further Than You Know.

English: Map of the 2011 Global Peace Index re...
English: Map of the 2011 Global Peace Index results, fixing missing data for South Africa. Also changed French Guiana to “No Data”. The scale means: dark green = most peaceful, black = least peaceful. ‘Peacefulness’ is understood as ‘absence of violence’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Posted June 18, 2013
by Jerry Alatalo

As someone who is new to the world of blogging please let me share a few observations.

I have been profoundly moved by all the great, honest discussions that occur on these platforms. The sharing between men and women all over this Earth makes your heart soar as the vision of humanity coming together, truly together, enters into your mind.

I want to take this opportunity to thank every man, woman and child on this Earth who have decided to turn the dream of a peaceful world into a reality. There is a feeling we all know where there has been real, positive sharing of good thoughts between people from all around this planet.

This feeling is known when we are certain that we have communicated in such a way that there is absolutely no doubt that we have touched the heart of a fellow human being. The sharing of this feeling is experienced when the person whose heart we touched touches our heart in the same way.

This feeling is the whole value of the internet. When we comment at various blogs and websites there is always an opportunity to create this good feeling between people. It is the most important opportunity that is available. To use those many opportunities to create that feeling of connection leads to what can be described as striking gold on the internet.

Your comments, your good thoughts, have consequences which extend further than you will ever know. You may help a brother or sister in another country thousands of miles away. Do you know how many men and women will eventually be helped as a result of your taking the simple action of trying to help someone on this Earth?

That man or woman may be so moved by your honest concern that they will try to help their family and friends.  Their family and friends will be so moved that they, too, come to help more of their fellow-men and women. The chain of consequences from your simple effort to help another human being extends to lengths you would be astonished to learn.

This describes the true beauty of humanity sharing good thoughts.

Do you know whether the man or woman you helped will go on to become the leader of their country and brings about great changes for all people of that region? Changes which are so positive that they become good examples for all the countries on this Earth to emulate?

There is a name for that feeling we get when there is true communication.

It is love.