End Secrets. Worldwide.

June 12, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

Why do human beings need to keep secrets?

Take a minute and think about the question. Thank you.

In a family is there any reason to keep secrets from each other? Now we must ask ourselves if the human race is a family or not. If it does not make sense for a traditional family of mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, sisters, brothers, cousins to keep secrets, why does it make sense at the largest scale?

As we find the mainstream media, alternative media and all media talking about the latest “leaks” and “whistleblowers” what would it be like if nothing was secret? Imagine a world where nobody keeps any secrets from anyone.

Think about the good consequences which would result. People all around the Earth would begin to trust each other more. Communications between people would be honest more and more often. No person can argue that this would not be a good development.

With increased honest interactions between people the levels of good feelings of brotherhood and unity and oneness would rise. There would be no more whistleblowers but truth tellers. There would be no more leaks but the sharing of truths.

Think of all the increased time available to people where there was no longer the need to spend mental energy to decide if others were being secretive or not. How much more at ease people would be with each other. Dis-ease would begin to decrease while joy experienced by people all around the world would increase.

One gets the feeling these days that all which has been secret is in the process of being revealed.. Secrecy can only be seen as lying by omission. So we should be thankful that people around the world are communicating and those secrets are becoming known. Consequent decisions that are made will take into account revealed facts. This means there will be wiser decisions.

Either we believe that humanity is a family or we don’t. Those who still see the others as “other” will want to maintain secrets because life is about “us” versus “them”. This we have come to know as duality. Those who believe that the human race is a family of brothers and sisters everywhere no longer want any secrets. This is oneness.

How do you feel about the keeping of secrets on this Earth?


A View of Earth from Saturn
A View of Earth from Saturn (Photo credit: alpoma)

6 thoughts on “End Secrets. Worldwide.

  1. hipmonkey

    Psychopaths always drift toward government power and rise to the top like scum on a pond. If they can’t make it in politics they become serial killers and criminals with no conscience. There is actually research proving this to be the case.


    1. Hipmonkey, Thank you for your comment. Perhaps we now could attempt to determine ways in which psychopathy could be healed. Imagine this scenario. This weekend you are at a gathering of good friends for a get together. It is a beautiful evening and everyone is enjoying a warm June 15, 2013 Saturday night. You are aware of a concert nearby and say to the attendees “Hey guys there’s a great concert tonight.. Let’s go.” Your friends ask you who the band is. You reply “It’s a benefit concert and there are a number of bands.” They ask what the cause is. You tell them “Unconditional love for humanity. A new world where all people agree that we are brothers and sisters on this Earth, and that we should share with each other and love one another.”
      You see the look of “Well… I don’t know…” on the faces of your friends. Two or three are receptive and say “yeh, let’s go!” These two or three convince all but three of your friends to attend and enjoy the concert. The three who decided not to go we can call the psychopaths. How can we convince them to attend and enjoy the concert?


  2. hipmonkey

    Truthfully? We can’t. I used to be one of them, each person must change themselves. Thankfully, others planted seeds in my path that took root. That’s all we can do for others. So, who’s the other bands? I’m so going to that!

    I.E. I stopped watching mainstream news years ago, but most everyone I know still watches it, and even pays cable for this brainwashing service. Now there’s a perfect scam. How can the truth ever get to most people if they refuse to search for it? And should someone find a way to leak the truth, they go to prison. Those addicted to money and power are truly sick, and if you’ve ever tried to convince an alcoholic or drug addict to get help, you know what you’re up against.


    1. Hipmonkey, Thank you for your reply. You mentioned that you used to be one of them and that thankfully others planted seeds in my path that took root. Those “seeds” healed your psychopathy. It would be very interesting to hear a little bit more from you about those seeds. My hunch is that they are the same type of seeds that heal those who successfully defeat their addictions. Is my hunch correct?


      1. hipmonkey

        I used to blindly believe that the reality created by the powers that be was true. I slept in ignorance not knowing of my ignorance. In 1988 while bedridden I took to reading the bible. One night everything I read meant something other than what the words were conveying. I ended up reading the entire bible while everything I read made esoteric sense to me. even the instruction for building the temple reminded me of the construction of the psyche with the ego, super ego and Id. Id was the holy of holies. I had never heard of Gnosticism, and never heard anyone say the bible was symbolic. I have to believe my higher self was spiritually interpreting the scriptures. I can’t put it in words. White light, inner connectedness comes to mind. I was the lamp, the sky, the animals, the stars. That was the beginning of my search for gnosis and self realization. There’s no arriving, the meaning is in the journey itself. the day before this happened, no one could have handed me this gift. And I don’t know how to give it to others.


        1. Hipmonkey, Thank you for sharing your personal experience. You are a generous person and know that we truly appreciate your honesty. You just did give it to others; all those who come upon your honest words. Thank you my brother.


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