End Secrets. Worldwide.

June 12, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

Why do human beings need to keep secrets?

Take a minute and think about the question. Thank you.

In a family is there any reason to keep secrets from each other? Now we must ask ourselves if the human race is a family or not. If it does not make sense for a traditional family of mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, sisters, brothers, cousins to keep secrets, why does it make sense at the largest scale?

As we find the mainstream media, alternative media and all media talking about the latest “leaks” and “whistleblowers” what would it be like if nothing was secret? Imagine a world where nobody keeps any secrets from anyone.

Think about the good consequences which would result. People all around the Earth would begin to trust each other more. Communications between people would be honest more and more often. No person can argue that this would not be a good development.

With increased honest interactions between people the levels of good feelings of brotherhood and unity and oneness would rise. There would be no more whistleblowers but truth tellers. There would be no more leaks but the sharing of truths.

Think of all the increased time available to people where there was no longer the need to spend mental energy to decide if others were being secretive or not. How much more at ease people would be with each other. Dis-ease would begin to decrease while joy experienced by people all around the world would increase.

One gets the feeling these days that all which has been secret is in the process of being revealed.. Secrecy can only be seen as lying by omission. So we should be thankful that people around the world are communicating and those secrets are becoming known. Consequent decisions that are made will take into account revealed facts. This means there will be wiser decisions.

Either we believe that humanity is a family or we don’t. Those who still see the others as “other” will want to maintain secrets because life is about “us” versus “them”. This we have come to know as duality. Those who believe that the human race is a family of brothers and sisters everywhere no longer want any secrets. This is oneness.

How do you feel about the keeping of secrets on this Earth?


A View of Earth from Saturn
A View of Earth from Saturn (Photo credit: alpoma)

The Gospel of Thomas. 1 of 2.

The site of discovery, Nag Hammadi in map of Egypt
The site of discovery, Nag Hammadi in map of Egypt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

June 12, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

We will share with you here some passages from the Gnostic “Gospel of Thomas” writings found in Nag Hammadi, Egypt around 1945. After the excerpts from the “Gospel of Thomas”, we will share writings from the “Secret Book of John”. The Gnostic texts found were not included in the Bible that most of us are familiar with. There are certain passages which may give you further insights into the spiritual world of Jesus that you were previously unaware of. We hope the passages give you comfort and strength. As some theories of life hold that all is spirit/energy we have included this spiritual information here for you. We hope that the writings add greatly to your spiritual knowledge and awareness.

The text is in italics. My attempts at interpretation are not.

Here then are some passages from “The Gospel of Thomas”.

“And he who shall find the interpretation of the words shall not taste death.”

It is overwhelming to come upon spiritual truth. The attempt to explain what the words mean is something that first hits one with a sense of taking on an assignment that is better suited to someone far, far above one’s pay grade. This writing is of that class of writings called sacred and holy. Perhaps death could be interpreted as ignorance of the eternal nature of our essence, our soul. The words are communicating the truth of our reality.

“And he who seeks, let him not cease seeking until he finds; and when he finds he will be troubled, and if he is troubled, he will be amazed, and he will reign over the all.”

Perhaps this passage says that those who focus intently eventually come to an awareness of the realities on this Earth. At that point the man or woman feels compassion for all living things; the man or woman understands that the Creator, God is present in all things. They then feel the pain of all those who suffer. This is amazing; it is the greatest of surprises. The man or woman feels a responsibility to end all of the suffering of sentient beings.

“If those who lead you say unto you: behold, the kingdom is in Heaven, then the birds of Heaven will be before you. If they say unto you: it is in the sea, then the fish will be before you. But the kingdom is within you, and it is outside of you. When you know yourselves, then shall you be known, and you shall know you are the sons of the living father. But if ye do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty, and you are poverty.”

Perhaps this passage is saying that we are to look within for answers to any spiritual questions we may have. The kingdom of God is everywhere we look. It resides in our bodies, in all humans, all animals, all plant life, the waters, the air, the rocks. Once we are aware that everyone, everything is created of spirit then we receive the true abundance. Understanding that the kingdom is within us, and in everyone, ends our poverty and begins life with more joy, love and good feelings.

His disciples asked him, and said unto him: “Wilt thou that we fast? And how shall we pray? Shall we give alms? And what rules shall we observe in eating?” Jesus said: “Do not lie; and that which you hate, do not do. For all things are revealed before Heaven. For there is nothing hidden which will not be manifest, and there is nothing covered which shall remain without being uncovered.”

The accounts of those who have experienced what has been named the near death experience (NDE) may help us. Many describe the “life review” where they watch a movie of their just lived incarnation. This is an experience where every event of the man or woman’s life is shown no matter how insignificant. One of the more well-known persons who has shared his experience is Dannion Brinkley. His description of the “panoramic life review” as he terms it, is fascinating. The fascinating aspect is that he felt the feelings of the person he was interacting with.

When he was a bully in school he felt the pain of boy he punched. He felt the hurt of those he spoke harshly to. He felt the suffering he inflicted while in Vietnam.

He felt the joy and love of others when he expressed that love. He felt the joy and love created through the line of people who became a part of the ripple he began. Dannion Brinkley’s story is well worth finding. His book “Saved By the Light” is tremendous.

Every soul will witness their life review. This is where all things are revealed before Heaven. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will be hidden. The idea of the life review process simply leaves us speechless.

His disciples said: “Teach us concerning the place where thou art, for it’s necessary for us to seek after it.” He said to them: “He that hath ears, let him hear. There is a light within a man of light, and it gives light to the whole world. If it does not give light, there is darkness.”

This light is unconditional love and this light is what needs to increase to end the darkness on this Earth.

“Love thy brother as thy soul; guard him as the pupil of thine eye.”

When all people, everywhere on Earth, understand the connection, the relation we have with each other, the world we envision where love is the purpose of existence, becomes reality.

“The mote which is in thy brother’s eye, thou seest; but the beam which is in thine eye, thou seest not. When thou dost cast out the beam from thine own eye, then wilt thou see to cast out the mote from thy brother’s eye.”

These words point to the futile nature of judgment. Perhaps in past lives we were responsible for the murder of many people through war. Perhaps we have done some things in this life which were not kind and we hurt other people. Instead of offering sincere apology we go on to criticize others for their errors. The judging others can be seen as the lack of awareness of the light that is present in the sinner we are criticizing.

“No prophet is acceptable in his village; a physician does not heal those who know him.”

Perhaps the village is the Earth. Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and the spiritual masters who came here were often shunned, ridiculed and, in the extreme, killed  for their efforts to heal.Those souls came to bring light to those who suffer in the darkness.

“A city that is built on a high mountain and fortified cannot fall, nor can it be hidden.”

This passage may point to the building of our inner city which uses love, compassion, peace and brotherhood as the building materials. Those we interact with cannot help but know that this city is literally in us as our actions, words and thoughts reveal it.

“What thou shalt hear in thine ear, proclaim to the other ear on your rooftops. For no man lights a lamp and sets it under a bushel, nor does he put it in a hidden place; but he sets it upon the lampstand, that all who come in and come out may see its light.”

When men and women come to love they share it with everyone and everything. If you have come to feel and know the power of love it is good to share this as much as possible.

“If a blind man lead a blind man, both fall into a pit.”

We were blind. Now we see. To reduce or end the instances of people falling into pits, shining our lights of love is the way. Shining that light, and sharing it with the ones who cannot see, brings the healing of spiritual blindness. This healing then ripples and joins with others, and then more people…

“The pharisees and the scribes have received the keys of the kingdom; they have hidden them. They did not go in, and those who wanted to go in they did not allow. But you be ye wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”

This is a very sticky passage to comprehend. Could it be the pharisees and scribes hid away the keys of the kingdom in the form of sacred writings? Or was it the keys in the form of the wisdom of finding the kingdom of God inside us as opposed to only being able to meet this wisdom from outside of us, or externally? Probably the latter.

“A vine was planted apart from the father, and since it is not established it will be pulled up by its roots and destroyed.”

Perhaps we need to move closer to the Creator.

“They do not gather grapes from thorns, nor pluck figs from camel-thistles; they do not yield fruit. A righteous man brings forth a righteous thing from his treasure; a bad man brings forth evil things; for out of the abundance of his heart he brings forth evil things.”

There are times we read these types of writings and we are astonished at their both simple and profound nature.

“If two makes peace with one another in this house, they shall say to the mountain: be moved, and it shall be moved.”

This passage points to the multiplying effect, the great increase in spiritual power, that takes place when people understand each other fully.

“Blessed are the solitary and the elect, for you shall find the kingdom; for you come forth thence, and shall go there again.”

Do we come from the Heavenly realm to here on Earth, evolve spiritually with the help of meditation or quiet time in prayer or contemplation, and then return to the kingdom of God?

“If they say to you: whence have you come? Tell them: we have come from the light, the place where the light came into being through itself alone. It stood and it revealed itself in their image. If they say to you: who are you? Say: we are his sons, and we are the elect of the living father. If they ask you: what is the sign of the father in you?, tell them: it is a movement and a rest.”


It would be very interesting to learn how you feel. What do you think about these passages from The Gospel of Thomas?