GMO. Humanity Must Decide Now.

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June 10, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

There is reason to believe that the issue of GMO is the most important one that humanity must resolve now. There are consequences for future generations which depend on this generation’s choices.

After reading the words of those who are for the continued use of GMO foods and crops and those who are for their discontinuance, the time has arrived where the truth must be determined.

The arrival at the truth will allow the human race to make the best decision as to whether this science is of benefit to all livings things on this Earth, or is harmful to all living things on this Earth.

This determination will be  arrived at through the application of the highest spiritual maturity available in this world. The magnitude of possible consequences for life does not allow for any communication but that which expresses a true concern for the health and wellbeing of all that lives.

This issue simply must be resolved now. It is possible for it to be resolved at the highest levels including the United Nations and national governmental bodies of every country on Earth. Over two million fellow human beings expressed their concerns recently. These concerns have to be addressed on a planetary level. If it takes one month of eight-hour a day discussions and sharing of thoughts pro and con, then that is what it will take.

When this issue is addressed spiritually, when the true reality is discovered of whether GMO are harmful or beneficial for all living things on this Earth, then the real effort to end the hunger and starvation of our fellow men, women and children begins.

Gone will be the endless debates over who is right and who is wrong. Gone will be the wasted energy of the us versus them arguments with the harsh words. It is just us here on this Earth. There is no separation. Communicating from the basis of oneness can only result in wise decisions.

Let us resolve this issue once and for all with concern for future generations uppermost in our minds and hearts. Then from a spirit of oneness humanity can move on to efforts which begin the ending of suffering for this generation.

Here and now.


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