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English: “PG-13” rating of Motion Picture Association of America film rating system (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by Jerry Alatalo

– June 6, 2013

Hope everyone is enjoying the June weather. I had the very short thought of beginning the post with “Good morning Vietnaaaaaaam!” but then thought again. Do you ever just get in that comedy mode and you want to watch Norm MacDonald videos all day long?

After almost two weeks of blogging I am keeping my fingers crossed that at the two-week mark you get some cool prizes or something as a surprise. Maybe a skyscraper sized wooden crate stuffed with inspiration and good ideas to share would be nice. Thanks for not letting the cat out of the bag. Oops, that’s a cliché.

This short post is just to share with you a free and painless way to attempt to inspire the world. Please keep in mind that I am seriously interested in this man’s opinions about what makes a great film. There is a younger film expert and reviewer named Karzan Kardozi whose blog site he named The Moving Silent. This man must have viewed more films than anyone in history. You can link to his site here. It is pretty interesting.

Karzan has 550 or so followers and everyone seems very pleasant. A thought came to ask Karzan a simple question about film. You know how when you watch an excellent film and it literally changes you?  If there is anyone to ask about the effects of films on people and society Karzan was most certainly the man to go to.

So I commented at one of his review posts and the comment went something like this:

“Karzan, Greetings from America. My name is Jerry and I would like to ask you a question. If you had $100,000,000 to make a film and your intent was to create the greatest film ever made in history, tell us what the film would be like. What would you want your film to accomplish that no single film in the history of cinema had until yours? Would the film be filled with so much beauty, intensity and power that it would literally change societies on this Earth? Would it make a good difference in the lives of people everywhere on this planet? How would it transform the viewer into a better man or woman? How would you review the YET to be made greatest film ever created? The reason I ask you this question is because your reply will be seen by many men and women around the world with a strong interest in films. What is the possibility that your reply will motivate one or more men and women from around the Earth to actually make that film?

Thank you and best wishes to you and your readers.


Thanks everybody. Have the greatest summer in the history of summers!