War. Part 3.

Cover of "War and Peace"June 4, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

American poet Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) could be seen as a prophet with his short, famous quote:

“Sometime they’ll give a war and nobody will come.”

That sometime is rapidly approaching. Can you imagine how good you are going to feel on that day? The feeling will be the same one those who have had the near death experience returned to describe for us. What these men and women experienced was the love of the Creator.

This experience has led these men and women to write books, appear on television and radio talk shows and other avenues to share what happened to them.

The experiences were so profound that these men and women had no choice but to share them with us. Find their stories in print and on the internet. You will be astonished by these stories. You will be divinely inspired. Their stories are life changing in a good and positive way, for both the people who had the experiences and those who learn from them.

English poet Percy Shelley (1792-1822) was seen by fellow poet Mathew Arnold as “a beautiful and ineffectual angel, beating in the void his luminous wings in vain.” Shelley with the following, shares Sandburg’s vision:

“A brighter morn awaits the human day, when poverty and wealth, the thirst of fame, the fear of infamy, disease and woe, war with its million horrors, and fierce hell, shall live but in the memory of time.”

Shelley wrote these words in 1810 when he was only 18 years old. He did not receive acclaim until after he transitioned to spirit. He is now considered one the great lyric poets. Just as we considered Sandburg prophetic we consider Shelley prophetic. These words describe this time we are living in now. Once again, rejoice that you are witnessing and experiencing the greatest spiritual transformation this Earth has ever seen.

American General in the union army William Tecumseh Sherman (1820-1891) honestly shares his thoughts on the experiencing of war:

“You cannot qualify war in harsher terms than I will. War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it; and those who brought war into our country deserve all the curses and maledictions a people could pour out.”

Also, “I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded, who cry aloud for blood. War is hell.  …There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but, boys, it is all hell. You can bear this warning voice to generations yet to come. I look upon war with horror.”

How often do we hear our leaders in Washington speak the words like those quoted here? These historical figures were giving us evidence and warning of the consequences of choosing war over peace. One day soon the entire human race will understand. Thank God that day will be dawning soon.

The man credited with discovering vitamin C, American biochemist and Nobel Prize winner in 1937 Albert Szent-Gyorgyi was born in Budapest, Hungary. One more man giving us wisdom and warning:

“You have only to wish it and you can have a world without hunger, disease, cancer and toil–anything you wish, wish anything and it can be done. Or else we can exterminate ourselves… At present we are on the road to extermination.”

“Man is a very strange animal. In much of the world half the children go to bed hungry and we spend a trillion on rubbish–steel, iron, tanks. We are all criminals. There is an old Hungarian poem, ‘If you are among brigands (n. One who lives by plunder usually as a member of a band) and you are silent, you are a brigand yourself.’”

“It is sad that man is not intelligent enough to solve problems without killing. The present world crisis can be solved only by a general human revolution against outdated concepts. Man is not a blood-thirsty animal, and war is only due to the greed and lust for power of relatively small groups, the conspiracy of the few against the many.”

Have you heard any words like these from the politicians? These are the words of a visionary.

The next time you watch an interview of your favorite Hollywood actor/actress, a famous musician, a politician or sports star think about and compare their words to the words contained here.

Then take any of these words/thoughts and write a letter to the editor which includes them. Strike a balance for truth. Call a radio talk show and read them. Share them through emails and social media.

Send emails to your representative in Congress, your senator, any senator, the president. If you have thoughts about an issue and you feel that you can give ideas for real, positive results then do it. What is there to lose? When you communicate your ideas and they are received they very possibly will be part of the solutions.

Stop underestimating your ability to bring change in this world. Those who have effected change throughout history were human the same as you or any man or woman. God gave you free will so you can use it for the helping of others. As we help others we help ourselves. As we heal others we heal ourselves.

Russian writer Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910).  From his classic novel War and Peace:

“But what is war? What is needed for success in warfare? What are the habits of the military? The aim of war is murder; the methods of war are spying, treachery, and their encouragement, the ruin of a country’s inhabitants, robbing them or stealing to provision the army, and fraud and falsehood termed military craft. The habits of the military class are the absence of freedom, discipline, idleness, ignorance, cruelty, debauchery, and drunkenness. And in spite of all this, it is the highest class, respected by everyone. And he who kills most people receives the highest awards.”

Fellow Russian writer Maksim Gorki (1868-1936) on Tolstoy:

“No man deserves more to be called a genius, no man is more complex, more contradictory, more admirable than he in all things, yes, in all things. He is a man who envelops all men, a man-mankind.”

Gandhi considered Tolstoy’s non-fiction work What is Art? as Tolstoy’s masterpiece. In it Tolstoy states criterion for true art. Amongst other criterion the work must convey the highest spiritual thought/feeling on the planet. Another is the work must result in a literal improvement in the human condition. We have read What is Art? and would recommend it highly. God knows we can use some literal improvement in the human condition.

Finally on war we listen once more to American social scientist Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929) from his book The Theory of the Leisure Class:

“The enthusiasm for war, and the predatory temper of which it is the index, prevail in the largest measure among the upper classes, especially among the hereditary leisure class.”

The events of September 11, 2001 need a new, real, thorough and complete investigation without any omission. Truth must prevail.

The time has come for war to end. War is the greatest failing of civilization. Very soon the earlier statement will be “War was the greatest failing of civilization.” Keep faith that a world without war is going to be a reality. In all of your prayers thank God that this reality is one which you will witness in your lifetime. The spiritual evolution of the human race is happening and will continue to increase in intensity until every man and woman will understand that we are all brothers and sisters on this our Mother Earth.

These evolutionary movements will be of such a size that time will literally end. Spiritual enlightenment will be of such a high level that a literal heaven on Earth will be the reality we see before our eyes. Can you sense the anticipation of these coming events increasing day by day? It is coming. There is nothing anyone, anywhere, in any positions of power or authority, can do to stop this movement to the new paradigm of love.

It is the destiny of the human race.



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