Straight From The Heart.


by Jerry Alatalo





Woke up this morning and suddenly found myself crying tears of joy. After one week of writing messages the emotions associated with touching others made their presence known.

The emotions were the same as Jack Nicholson portrayed at the end of the film About Schmidt. It is the moment of total realization of the immensity of life. That overwhelming sense of the power and the glory of God.

The responsibility to share with others in such a way that there is an actual, real connection made which changes and transforms. Makes the person who you touch feel more hopeful and happier and joyful that they are alive in a world where there is love.

You have all had these moments and these are those experiences where we are real. Totally real. So real that you think you are in some kind of  a dream. You find that you do have the God-given ability to love and forgive others and that it does make all the difference in the world.

We think that when everyone on Earth comes to grasp this God-given ability to love and forgive that the dream expands and expands and expands until the entire world has been transformed into its original state, one of sacred beauty.

You’re overwhelmed by the thought that it is possible and so easy to carry out with the gifts of love and forgiveness from the Creator. You see the dream becoming a reality as people share these gifts with all in the greatest transformation of life on Earth that humanity has ever seen.



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