No More Turning Away.

June 1, 2013

by Jerry Alatalo

504-1Please pray for the people in Oklahoma and surrounding states which became ravaged by powerful tornadoes in the past few days. One cannot imagine the sheer power of nature that has been exhibited.

There is a way of thinking that proposes that the reason for living is to become of service to, to help, our fellow-man. Thank all those good people who are taking the time and effort to ease the suffering of our fellow brothers and sisters.

Another devastating natural event we remember is hurricane Sandy, the weather disaster which occurred in the eastern region of the United States of America. Hurricane Sandy is described as the most damaging storm ever to make landfall in the region around the states of New York and New Jersey.

One begins asking questions inside such as “why would the Creator allow something so horrible to happen to people?”

In these two events many lives were lost, many lost their homes and possessions, many billions of dollars of damages have occurred while many people have had to endure intense suffering. We are left speechless and numb after witnessing images of such powerful cataclysms. Those who have not directly experienced either of these cataclysms have empathy and compassion for those who were in the thick of the damages. Those who could help in any way have pitched in to help in the recovery.

We can say that the only bright side to these types of events is that humanity shows what it is capable of with regard to serving and helping our fellow-man. Those who take the time, effort and initiative to lessen the suffering of their fellow men, women and children need to receive proper appreciation for their heroic acts. The empathy and compassion which becomes displayed in action at times like these gives good evidence of the God-given inner qualities of the human being.

Our appreciation of these inner qualities of humans is very important to consider. When circumstances and situations are such that action needs to become taken, human beings take the steps which give us evidence of the highest spiritual feeling on Earth. Under such circumstances human beings take the actions that result in a literal improvement in the conditions of their fellow-man.

We witness heroism on a grand scale. One witnesses folks who pitch in without even giving their efforts a second thought. Many do not stop to consider why they are helping; it just seems like the right thing to do. The phenomena of humans’ instinctual coming to the aid of their fellow humans in times of suffering is important to study and understand.

How can we explain the instinct of humans to help their fellow-man in time of need? Perhaps the best explanation this human instinct is simply that this instinct is proof positive that unconditional love resides in all of us.

One envisions the day when the reporter alters the wording of his or her report from “many have joined the recovery effort” to “many have given their unconditional love to the recovery effort.” Do you find it interesting that the words love, unconditional love or infinite love are rarely used, and that there is a reticence or reluctance to say the words out loud? One has to think deeply to find an explanation for this reticence and reluctance.

Think of all the billions of words that become shared by human beings all day, every day across this Earth. Next think about the percentage of those billions of words spoken daily that are or pertain to love, unconditional love or infinite love.


We remember watching a video with the actor Mickey Rooney on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson a few weeks back. Mickey Rooney may have been in his mid to late 70’s at that time. Mr. Rooney mentioned the word love a few times and it felt while viewing this conversation that there was a “line” crossed by Mr. Rooney with the simple speaking of the word love.

It was an odd feeling to watch this as it seemed that there was a palpable energy to move away from any discussion of love. At the time I was very interested in Mickey Rooney elaborating more on his love experiences, but it seemed that reticence and reluctance won the day. We know this seems like an insignificant story but we are trying to make a point.

Regarding the spiritual search for absolute truth many have come to the point where love is the paramount factor found during that search. That humans would become reticent and reluctant to even speak the word love seems like a type of rejection of the utter importance of love in the world.

To illustrate our point let us imagine people being reticent and reluctant to talk about water. Water is necessary for every living thing to continue living. There is no reluctance to speak the word water as all acknowledge the utter importance of water to physical survival.

Now we must answer the question: “Where is love on the list of things that are utterly important to humans?” We would share that love is the most important power and substance in the universe.

One of the goals that the writer has for this work is the positioning of love at the top of the list of the most important human concerns. For this assertion we run the risk of being labeled an idealist, optimist, perfectionist, reformer, visionary or one who belongs to the church of utopians. So be it. We do not apologize for speaking of the utter importance of love in this world.

Our idealist vision is a world that becomes directed by love, where every decision made by human beings is based on love. Call us an idealist. Call us a visionary. Call us anything. This new world is within the realm of possibility; it is achievable.

What is fueling this world now? Whether human beings are aware of it or not, unconditional love is present in all of us; there are varying manifestations of this unconditional love happening all the time. One could say that the opposite of love is fear. There are varying manifestations of fear happening all the time. Some believe that there are only two emotions and that we as humans are coming from one, and only one, of these two emotions in every moment. Those emotions are love and fear.

We are operating from love or fear in each moment and we can always, in each situation, choose.

What we are suggesting is that every man, woman and child on this Earth can choose love in every moment. How would we describe a world where every man, woman and child has chosen to come from the power of love at each turn and twist and moment. For certain this could be described as a new world.

It would be safe to say that humanity would have created a heaven on Earth.

We are trying to paint a picture of a possible new world; a heaven on Earth. Creating this type of world is worth striving for. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain when humanity dares this effort. In our grandest vision we as people are single sparks that light the fires of love which will then engulf and consume the entire world.

So accuse this writer of having delusions of grandeur. It does not matter as we are evolving and the human race is moving in this direction. Why should we as humanity settle for small dreams and goals? Creating a new world, a heaven on Earth, is the greatest evolutionary destination that humanity could ever strive for.

This striving results in no loss.

This striving results in only gains for the entire human race and all creation.



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