Near Death Experience.

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May 31, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

There is much that we can learn from the phenomena of near death experiences (NDE). Perhaps there are some of you reading this who have experienced a NDE. For those of you who have experienced a NDE some of this information will be very familiar, as you are well aware of the phenomena.  Others of you reading this probably have had an out-of-body experience (OBE). OBEs are much more common than NDEs and are remarkable in their own right. OBEs are often called by other names such as astral projection or astral travel. Both NDEs and OBEs find a person leaving their physical body with their soul going on a spiritual journey

Perhaps some of you reading this have come across accounts told by those who have experienced a NDE. These stories are remarkable as they give us glimpses into the afterlife that are it seems important for people to be aware of. The information we have been given about spiritual truths in the accounts of NDEs seems to give us insight on our ultimate reality.The increasing interest in the NDE phenomenon seems a part of the waking up of humanity at this time. The descriptions given by people who have been to the “other side” are breath-taking and important.

I am convinced death is an illusion. Taking all the many thousands of NDE accounts from young and old, from all locations on Earth, we are left with no other conclusion but that there is no end to our existence. There are those who have tried to argue that the experiences have been caused by hallucinations related to oxygen deprivation in the brain. There are other theories that try to explain the NDE as other than the profound and real experiences for those who have had them.

Any theory given which does not conclude that a NDE is a real separation of the person’s spirit from their body is wrong. We will try to make the case that the NDE phenomenon are real and extremely important for humanity to become aware of. The information brought back by those who have had a NDE is of such size that all measures to share it should be taken to communicate these amazing accounts. You may go on your computer, type in near death experience and begin your amazement when you find personal accounts.

The honesty of these accounts is obvious. Because the accounts are obviously honest we can only conclude that the experiences are totally real. As they are totally real then the absolute importance of the experiences for humanity’s awareness.

The most compelling evidence for NDEs being real can be found when one realizes the great similarities among young, old, varying nationalities, varying locations and varying pre-NDE spiritual beliefs. There are common events seen in the thousands of recorded accounts that would seem to point to the inevitable conclusion that NDEs are real.

The common features of the thousands of recorded accounts include travelling through a tunnel, seeing a bright light at the end of the tunnel, meeting relatives or friends who have passed on, seeing a review of one’s life, being told “you have more to do” and not wanting to leave that place of profound beauty, peace and love.

We will look at the words used by those who have had a NDE and find that they are honestly shared. Many have not shared their accounts as they are afraid that others would think that they are crazy. Those who have shared their accounts were thankfully able to do so after they realized they were not alone.

The subject of the NDE years ago reached popularity with the publishing of a number of books studying both the phenomena and personal accounts. Both researchers and the experienced are seen being interviewed on television and heard on radio interviews. There are now a number of websites devoted to the NDE where one can find personal accounts along with scientific studies.

We will get right to some personal accounts.

“I left my physical body. I floated to the ceiling and went through a tunnel at a high rate of speed. I was thinking faster and clearer. Felt the emotional states of oneness, peace, joy. I entered an unearthly realm. I found myself standing beside my bed and was looking at me in the bed. Then I heard a voice saying, “Come with me.” We went through a tunnel of light and on the other side everything was pure love, pure peace, pure perfection. I had the feeling that I was not worthy of such a place. I was given a life review which showed everything of my past. I felt the effects on others of every action I ever took when interacting with them… I felt what they felt at that time. I could see everything going on when I was outside my body… Nurses, doctors, outside the hospital, I saw my family members at home…”

Another account comes from a woman who had a blood clot at the brain stem/base of her brain. She recounts. “I popped out of the top of my head. I was looking down at the operation going on.”

What she saw while out of her body corresponded to what was occurring on the operating table. The conversations of the nurses and doctors corresponded to what they actually said.

“I felt a presence. I saw a pinpoint of light and was pulled toward the light. I noticed figures, one of which was my grandmother. I went to her. I also saw an uncle who had passed and many people I knew. The light is God’s breath. I was told it was time to go back but the more I was there the better I liked it. I did not want to go back into my body when my uncle told me to “jump in”. My uncle pushed me back into my body.”

The doctors and nurses had no explanation for how she had seen and heard what she did.

One man had two separate NDEs related to triple bypass surgery.

“The first time I remembered that death was so instantaneous that it was unbelievable. It is just a passage. A man came to meet me and he said, “Follow me.” We went up through a “mud” tunnel and came into an incredibly bright room which had no climate. There were 250-300 people waiting there to greet me. They were thrilled to see me; every one of them hugged and kissed me. They were men and women who were radiant. They were exuding love and beauty; I knew I was in Heaven/Paradise. I was led to sit on a table, while the 250-300 people were around, where I saw the movie of my life. As the scenes of my life went by one by one I noticed Jesus standing on a distant mountain. He asked me over and over and over, during each scene of the movie, “At that time what did you do for your fellow man?” …”At that time what did you do for your fellow man?” …”At that time what did you do for your fellow man?”

…These were the most incredible, mind-blowing experiences I have ever had. We are absolutely our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. The soul is much bigger than we know. The soul is huge.”

These events result in tremendous positive consequences for those who have them. To the point these people come to have no fear of death, an increased belief in an afterlife and God, less emphasis on materialism, a more loving and joyful attitude, along with a conviction that there is a wonderful afterlife that awaits all of us.

A woman gives her account.

“I merged with and became one with the light. This was when the ecstasy and bliss started. The ecstasy was so intense and I knew that I was immortal, eternal, totally safe and had total knowledge. I had always existed, always would exist and all is well; there is a perfect plan that is working itself out in its perfection. I was like a receiver of immense love and knowledge. I started to wonder how much more I could stand…”

“…the light then began to dissipate, I left the intensity and was in a green meadow. My personality was not any part of it. I felt unconditional love, no judgment and total forgiveness. Punishment is not God’s game. God is for us, not against us. Jesus raises our consciousness. There is no reason to fear death; it is the closing of one door and the opening of another. It will be wonderful to leave a worn-out body behind. This was a spiritual dimension with total comprehension. We are so much more than we know, we are so unlimited. It is a great big universe that we are a part of, we are part of God, the all of love…”

“…I was able to look into my soul and know that my soul is total love; everyone’s soul is love. I learned to know that there is no death. This was an enormous thing that happened to me; it is so much better than we think it is. I was in a meadow where the colors were unlike any colors I had ever seen before. I saw 18-20 people who seemed to be waiting for something and I met one man whose face was authoritative and beautiful; I knew I could trust him. He told me “It is not time for you to be here yet.” I asked him what it was all about, what life was all about. He told me in a three sentence answer. Then he said that I could take the whole experience back except for the last answer. I would not be able to remember that answer…”

“…I knew that I had tapped into just the beginning of what there is to know. That it is a non-ending eternity which is all so much more vast than anything anyone could make up. Earth is one little way station to bring light and love; a gift, a blessing and a responsibility. If there was one gift that I could give to everyone, it would be for everyone to have a near death experience. We would have a beautiful world where everyone would know that “I too am part of God.”

The near death experience gives humanity a powerful, profound and hopeful message.

These are not dreams or hallucinations. They are absolutely real events of spirit. They are ineffable. Incapable of being described in words.

Keep the faith.


Eric Clapton “Tears in Heaven”.


2 thoughts on “Near Death Experience.

  1. You people! Never believe your own hallucinations. Personal, anecdotal experience is proof of nothing. It’s just a circle-jerk of people wanting to believe their own fantasies. If you’re a believer, you run out and try and find other believers; you don’t run out to try and find out the truth; no, you already have the truth, you want confirmation. And, eventually, you find a community of like-mined deluded folks and you reinforce each other. How comfortable, but how totally off the mark.

    Read and absorb this: people are not special. The universe was not made for us. We are not the pinnacle of evolution. Whatever happens to people at death happens to every living thing: people, e. coil, potatoes, malaria viruses, bed bugs, flat worms, bamboo stalks, blades of grass, etc. The idea that the entire universe should be recreated for the spirit of dead things is absurd. Why are you people so frightened of death? Accept it, you don’t go on after death, nothing does. There’s no “point” in it, no place in the cycle of life for an afterlife. It’s like stars have be born and die for there to have been people, yes? But those stars are no longer with us; other ones, yes, but not the ones that made the material that formed us. It’s the same with living things, they pull things together for awhile, then they die and their bodies goes back to the rest of the universe. It’s called “recycling.”

    The basic, technical problem with an afterlife, it that assumes that the individual creature/person is a real thing. You think you’re a real independent thing. You’re not; you’re just a manifestation of your DNA. The DNA is already eternal (until extinction); it is the real entity, not the protoplasmic blobs that make up its physical manifestation. It doesn’t need an afterlife; that’s for the petty fear of the blobs. Sorry, blobs, you’re just the DNA’s way of keeping going. Humility would be a better approach.


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