“WordPress Must Be Heaven, Man!”

English: The crowd at Woodstock fills a natura...
English: The crowd at Woodstock fills a natural amphitheatre with the stage at the bottom. Deutsch: Das Publikum des Woodstock Festivals füllte ein natürlichen Amphitheater, in dessen Boden sich die Bühne befand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

-May 29, 2013-

by Jerry Alatalo

My guess is that those who have blogged here at WordPress for some time will appreciate what I say when expressing the almost blissful feeling of this space. Some of you will remember the quote from the hippie fellow at the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival when he exclaimed, “We must be in heaven, man!”

Being here for less than a week I have shared words with some very good people who have good intentions and are open-minded. One can only imagine all of the super conversations that take place here and the tremendous communications that are occurring every day. All I can say is thank you to the folks here at WordPress. This is one tremendous organization and community.

Let me add that there is a great appreciation for the amount of time and effort and thought that all the bloggers here put into what are some powerful sites. The amount of information on some sites is unbelievable. You deserve credit and a pat on the back.

My guess is that some of you find blogging here an experience somewhat similar to being at that 1969 Woodstock Festival. With all the good people gathered together having a great time rocking out to the music, (oops, words) there is the feel of a music festival that one gets.

Perhaps the hippie guy at Woodstock said it all about the WordPress community experience…

“We must be in heaven, man!”


In Memory of Richie Havens “Freedom” Woodstock 1969

6 thoughts on ““WordPress Must Be Heaven, Man!”

  1. Dave,
    Reminded of a second cousin’s husband who passed away a few months ago. He came this way for a family reunion, we took a rowboat boat out on Lake Superior for the fun of it, and he told me, after noticing my unnecessary strain in paddling, “we can just float”. So, we can “just float” with this discussion. Kick out any ideas. You think a good place to begin is this is with birth? 🙂


    1. Abort the email option, as we can do this right here. Much simpler. This thread remains in both of our “Comments I’ve Made” for around a week, if I’m not mistaken, and our discussion, if it ends up with 10,000 or 200,000 words, can always be resumed. I’m thinking potential ebook, so put your Hemingway hat on. 🙂 “Looking forward to the exchange” reminded me of an International Relations course when the professor brought in a guest lecturer, the professor said, “our guest should be here in a few minutes, then we can begin the…”. I finished his sentence with “interrogation?” So, looking forward to the interrogation. 🙂 Both of us have the luxury, if you will, of inserting information contained in hundreds of posts stored here on WordPress in our archives, so there’s “gobs” of ideas to insert here on this thread. Cross country truckers use another term for goodbye when on their CB’s talking to drivers going in the opposite direction: “see you on the flip-flop”. Have fun with the granddaughter, and we’ll see you here “on the flip-flop” at your leisure (whenever).


  2. I would ask you to hold off on this until I am out of my present depression and caregiver role. Please delete and forget the above comments and let’s try again at a later date.


    1. Dave,
      Done. It wouldn’t surprise if you were low on DHEA (pretty much everyone is low). I’ve taken DHEA at 50 mg/day for over 20 years (smoking depletes DHEA). My suggestion is 50 mg/day. The adrenal gland produces DHEA, we have the highest levels when in our prime (age 20), and levels fall until we’re 70 years-old and the level is 10% of what it was in our twenties. Life Extension Foundation (www.lef.org) can give you more information. Highly recommended. You’ll notice good results (greater sense of well-being, etc.) especially if your situation has led to increased stress levels. Stress raises the level of cortisol and decreases DHEA, so supplementation will bring this back into good balance. Just don’t take it at bedtime; it gives you a lot of energy and you’ll end up painting your house at 4 o’clock in the morning. 🙂
      Take care, brother.


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