It Is True. Love Is The Answer.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

by Jerry Alatalo / May 29, 2013


Wouldn’t it be something if all the leaders of countries around the world agreed to attend a conference? The name of the conference would be “A New World. Love is the Answer.” Man, can you imagine such a thing actually occurring? We would see presidents and prime ministers and other leaders of nations coming in and giving speeches about love.

Now we must think deeply about this. When we imagine such a possibility we immediately shrug such a thought off because it seems to be so outside the realm of possibility. Let us look at our thoughts on the concept of love. What do we really think about the set of aspects of love? It seems a fact that almost everyone in the world thinks that increasing the presence of love is a good thing.

When we look deeply into the situation on Earth it is observed that the world’s leaders rarely emphasize the true importance of love. Can we agree that love is the most powerful force not only on this Earth but in the universe? Can we agree that if every single man, woman and child were aware that love is the most important force in the universe that there would be the elimination of every problem faced by people?

So logic tells us that there would be benefit in every effort made to place love at the forefront in our lives. This is logical because love is the greatest force that we can think of. One feels a type of confusion when love is not emphasized in proportion to the emphasis it deserves. One can see that the power of love is free and unlimited.

All a person has to do to use this enormous power is to love their own self and others. We humans think that we have evolved to such a high level when leaders cannot even emphasize this most powerful force in the universe. Who are these people who are calling for fighting wars and killing people? Do you believe that those who call for killing are leaders? Do you really believe that?

If people are so evolved why is there still fighting and killing occurring here on Earth? Logic would tell us that we have evolved less than we give ourselves credit for. Here is another question to think deeply about. How is it that when one individual murders another person the murderer goes to prison for life, but when there is murder on a large-scale, in the thousands and thousands, that those responsible do not serve one day in jail?

My friends these things called war with their murders have to end. It is so simple to see that they do not emphasize love but love’s opposite. And what better time to put to an end these murderous affairs than now, today? If we believe that we as people have evolved to such a great extent it seems we have fooled ourselves. We do not hear any of our leaders mentioning that war should end.

We have a lot of work to do my friends. Surely we can see that the oneness of humanity is a very worthwhile goal to attempt. Think deeply about what this world would be like if oneness was in the thoughts of every person; if oneness was achieved.

Would not future generations look back at the actions we took which led to mankind’s greatest historical achievement, oneness, and be overwhelmingly grateful to us? They would read in their history books how in the year 2013 the human race joined together and accomplished what was previously thought impossible.

We are finding reasons for more optimism as many men and women around the world, in every region, are communicating in a good way that increases understanding and feelings of brotherhood. Many of you are aware of this and sense in your bones and blood that good things are occurring.

Slowly our levels of seeing that such a magnificent series of events could occur that would lead to full realization of oneness are growing larger. There are many more people every day who are coming to the thought that this is really possible and become willing to join in the effort to carry out the goal. In the hearts of many more every day human potential and the sense of the possible are coming into clearer view.

So now we see people taking good action to complete this world-changing task, gladly, and with gratitude for being able to help with this most magnificent of accomplishments. The power of love in its unlimited supply is then used to easily carry out the task.

Every man, woman and child wakes up to a new world where love is observed in every person, every animal, every plant and every thing.


Stevie Wonder “As”.


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