GMO Foods Protested.

protesting monsanto in san francisco
protesting monsanto in san francisco (Photo credit: msdonnalee)

– May 27, 2013 by Jerry Alatalo

Over the weekend there were well over two million people worldwide out and expressing their concerns about GMO foods. Many of you are already aware of this subject and, if you hold the majority viewpoint, you would either like at least that they be labeled or banned from the face of the Earth. Personally I would like to see the end of any type of manipulation of  life forms of any kind.

If you have not seen the documentary “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives” please go to YouTube and watch it. The documentary is a very important and very powerful work which lays out in a clear, cogent way the dangers of these Frankenstein’s monsters. You will be even more inclined to take some type of concrete action to end the charade.

After I watched the documentary I sent out letters to university retiree associations and a few weeks later “Genetic Roulette” was on the air on the local university’s public television station. What we are saying to you is that it does not take the breaking of rocks to get things rolling.

There are ways for human beings to communicate in an articulate manner where understanding becomes established and things occur because of it. One can only estimate the effects of the documentary on this whole issue, but my guess is, because the film was so very articulate, it had an enormous effect.

The woman who planned the Saturday event would have been pleased if a few thousand people came out, but with the help of some internet communicators, over a million raised their hands. This was a lesson for all of us, that when we communicate clearly to each other the results of our communications are much better.

As one who has researched a fair amount on GMO foods it is important that this issue is front and center before humanity. When there is movement of these manipulated plants through the winds blowing or birds moving them, the surrounding environment is literally infected.

If you were not aware some of the seeds produced by firms like Monsanto are what have been called “terminator seeds“; these seeds commit suicide after one planting. Imagine what these monsters will do to the environment when they find their way to other plant and animal species.

Imagine what these monsters are doing to us humans as we eat them.

It seems that the time has arrived where humanity is not happy with the tampering with life forms, and that includes plants, animals and humans. The sooner everyone is aware of the truth about manipulations of life for profits the sooner there will be an ending of these practices.

A very good start, in my estimation, is for you and everyone you know, to watch the powerful documentary “Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives.” Please do whatever you can to bring the planet back to its pristine, healthy and beautiful condition.


Please comment if you have any information about money driven manipulation of plants, animals or humans that is not being reported and important for us to know. Do not hold back any important information that you have. Share it here and accelerate the process of cleaning up this Earth. I thank you and the human race thanks you.

Share your thoughts and increase understanding.

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